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I thought it would be good to make clear my policy concerning book and movie reviews. I only agree to review products that I have a good chance of enjoying. I will not accept a movie or book that I believe I will not like. However, I will be completely honest in my review. I will not recommend a movie or book if it isn’t well-written or -produced, if it includes inappropriate matieral, or if I just plain didn’t like it. I figure I’ll be open about what I think and if everyone stops sending me books or movies to review, so be it. So if you see a positive review on my site, it is because I truly think the movie or book is worth your time. I also review a lot of books I read that I either purchase for myself or get from the public library, so I will always give you a heads-up at the beginning of the review if the book or movie was provided to me by someone else.

It’s been a while since I received a product to review that I didn’t like, so in case I’ve come across as someone who’s willing to say something nice about anything I’m given for free, you can check out these reviews:

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If the title of a post is simply the book title, that’s a review or post that I’m writing just because I wanted to share the book with you, not because I have been asked to review it.

However if the title of a post is “Review of ….” – that is a review of a book or movie that I received for the purpose of review. I will always tell you that in the post. If you see a logo that says “This review is sponsored by Mother Talk,” then I received the product from Mother Talk, and I do get a $20 Amazon gift certificate as thanks for that review. However, Mother Talk still wants completely honest reviews – as you can read in their guidelines. I will still let you know if I didn’t like the book or movie, or if I don’t think it’s worth your time. Again, that doesn’t happen very often, since I don’t agree to review products unless I think I have a reasonable chance of liking them.

If you have any questions about my review policy, you can e-mail me at nnjmom at yahoo dot com.