Snow and snowmen

December 18, 2007 Categories: Crafts , Holidays | 4 Comments  

It snowed today. And snowed. And snowed. A lot of snow. I was planning to run a couple errands and decided instead that it was a good day to stay home. I did housework and laundry, worked on an article, and watched the snow come down. The kids played games pretty much all day – yes, I’m a bad mom. But it’s Christmas break, right?

My wonderful sister, Debra, sent us a package a couple days ago. It contained all the materials we needed to make nine of these cute little snowmen ornaments. Actually, ours are even cuter than the picture, because the have adorable little hats on them. Not only did she send all the materials, she had already cut out all the foam shapes, and put each little kit into its own separate baggy, and tucked in a low temp hot glue gun in case we didn’t have one. Isn’t she awesome? So the kids and I made snowmen after dinner tonight, and they are now hanging on our tree.

What did you do today?