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Welcome to Mommy Brain! I’m Carrie (although I usually sign comments on other blogs as Carrie K. to differentiate myself from all the other Carries out there) and I’m a homeschooling mom of four kids. I’m happily (most of the time) married to my husband Kevin. We got married in 1995 in Vancouver, Washington.

We got pregnant with our daughter, Natalie, right around our first anniversary, and when she was 6 months old we moved to a rural town north of Spokane. We lived with my parents for the first three years so that we could afford my vocation as a stay-at-home and future homeschooling mom.

Eighteen months after Natalie came Noah, and sixteen months after Noah came Jonathan. When Jonathan was one, we moved into our own home in the same town. About a year later, Josiah was born. When our fourth was born, our first was a month shy of five years old. Yes, we were kind of crazy.

Natalie is now 11 and we are embarking on that strange and wonderful journey that is adolescence. Noah is 10, Jonathan is 8, and Josiah is 6.

None of our kids have attended formal school. I started homeschooling Natalie when she was ready for kindergarten and haven’t looked back. Here are some posts that best explain how and why we homeschool:

~ Why we homeschool
~ How we homeschool
~ Our extra-curriculars
~ What I wish I had known before we started homeschooling
~ What curriculum we use
~ My thoughts on the whole “socialization” bugaboo

The title of my blog came from a story I heard once that implied that women lose one-quarter of their brain’s capacity with each child they bear. Since I have four kids….well, you get the idea.

In an effort to battle the slow mental decline that can come with motherhood, I read. A lot. You will find many posts about the books I am reading, why I liked, loved, or hated them, and what I plan to read in the future. There are so many books, and life on earth is finite. I am hoping and expecting that my little corner of Heaven will have an extensive library.

We are Christians. We attend a Baptist church, but don’t consider ourselves Baptists. Before that, we attended a Free Methodist church, but didn’t really consider ourselves Free Methodists. If a church with reformed theology, a mix of modern worship and classic hymns, and a great children’s program ever found its way to our little town, that would be our church home. (Like this one.) Since it doesn’t exist, we are trying to embrace the new church we find ourselves in. At our former church, I led worship once a month and was very involved in women’s ministries. I am hoping to find my place in our new church.

Kevin works as an IT tech for a company that manufactures health supplements and vitamins. He designs and manages their web stores, does all of their programming, and is their technical support guy. He’s worked for the same company for 10 years. In his spare time, he likes to play Call of Duty and other games online. Summer is the time Kevin comes alive, and he loves to take the kids camping, fishing, inner-tubing, and biking. I go along sometimes; sometimes I stay home and have some alone time with my books. Yes, he’s a good guy.

After the kids go to bed, we spend our evenings together watching TV or listening to sermons from the above linked church. While we watch or listen, I like to crochet or knit. We have discovered the joys of Netflix and watching TV on DVD with no commercials or long waits between episodes. That’s why we’re cancelling our satellite when our contract expires in a couple months.

I also do freelance writing in what little spare time I have. I currently write web content for a few news blogs and for Catalogs.com. Nothing exciting, but it brings in some extra money which is always needed with a family of six and only one full-time income.

Hmmm…is there anything else you need to know to know who I am? Oh, I’m a Christian homeschooling mom who absolutely loves fantasy and science fiction, and our family adores Harry Potter. Needless to say, I often do not fit with other Christian homeschooling moms.

Well, that’s me in a long nutshell. If you ever would like to contact me apart from the comments here that are public, you can e-mail me at nnjmom at yahoo.com.