Teaching writing

December 13, 2011 Categories: Homeschooling | Comments Off  

As a homeschool mom, one of the most difficult subjects for me to teach has been writing. It’s strange to me, as I love to write, and write all the time, but none of my kids have enjoyed it. They all complete their writing assignments with reluctance, and editing can often be a chore. I wish they enjoyed it more – and that it came more naturally to them.

Since Natalie is a freshman, Noah is in 7th grade, Jonathan is in 6th grade, and Josiah is in 4th grade, writing is something they’re going to be doing for several years. As my oldest gets closer to college age, and the writing assignments become more difficult – and hold higher stakes, I may consider hiring a writing tutor to help her prepare. I am sure this will become more of an issue as she begins to work on essays for scholarships and college applications. I don’t think I can necessarily teach her everything she’s going to need to know about higher level writing.

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