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So, let’s see, what’s going on?

~ Still going to the “new” church – and enjoying it. The kids like it, and I like being in a women’s group again – a small women’s group that includes real, authentic women who love God – no fake “everything’s peachy because we have Jesus” types.

~ My grandma is here visiting from Vancouver, staying with my folks. We’re hoping she will stay, as it doesn’t seem she’s getting the best of care with the relatives she’s currently staying with. It’s hard to see how much she has aged since the last time I saw her.

~ We’re on spring break from homeschooling for the next week – a break that is greatly needed by all of us, but mostly me.

~ The Extreme Health Makeover I embarked on last fall turned out to be major on the extreme, minor on the makeover – but still had a major effect on me, mostly on my mental health and helping to dig up the reasons why I eat compulsively. I’m in counseling with a lady at church. I’ll write a longer post about this later when things are more sorted in my head.

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