Bullet points update

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~ We have added a cat to our already crowded household. This is Sam with Natalie.

~ We have started the second half of our homeschooling year. All is going fairly well, although I have decided I am officially very tired of Shurley Grammer. This is not the curriculum’s fault – it’s a great curriculum, and has taught us things I never learned even in college classes, but we need a change and so will be trying Learning Language Arts Through Literature next year. Natalie has declared that decimals are from the devil and algebraic addition is the stuff of fantasy land. I am trying to help her understand that while she may never again use this information, she needs it to graduate from high school, and so must soldier on. All four kids are taking a PE class this semester that includes bowling and softball – and are loving it.

~ We have started attending a church. I am enjoying the Women’s Bible Study. That’s about as optimistic as I feel like being with our recent church experiences.

~ Kevin’s sister Carol is not doing well at all. Her cancer has progressed to the point where all they can really do is make her comfortable. Prayers would be much appreciated.

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Vocabulary lessons with Jonathan

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Jonathan: Mom, what does “gaunt” mean?

Me: Very skinny to the point of looking sick.

Jonathan: Like Lindsay Lohan?

Beyond Bedding

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Books, Movies, and all the various artistic forms of entertainment can change the way we view the world and help us to understand our world in a deeper sense. Stories told through the written word or acted out in film or on-stage have the capacity to evoke emotion and perhaps help us to have more compassion for others and learn about the human condition.

After viewing the wonderfully informative Chlidren’s Fiction section I realized that although this site is primarily about books, films, and other forms of entertainment there are many products that I feel also help to tell a story. Take nursery bedding for example. Decorating a nursery is more than just a little fresh paint and a pastel colors it’s choosing images and themes that may prove to be the beginning of their story.

Take for instance our ever popular Fire Truck Baby Bedding set is more than just a great 9 pc crib bedding set. Frankie is the name of the adorable fire truck that is the center of this bedding set and this theme is a perfect starting point for you to build a story of courage and sacrifice that your little boy will never forget.

Let your daughter’s imagination run wild with a classic yet modern cowgirl baby bedding set. With a wild west motif full of horse shoes, lone stars, and horses this amazing crib bedding set is another example of how a bedding set can aid in story telling.

Many parents choose to go with a stylish pink and brown bedding set but we urge you to go beyond color and patterns and think about how much a theme based nursery can help to inspire your child’s imagination.

(This is a sponsored blog post.)