Happy Birthday, Natalie

December 13, 2009 Categories: Kid Stuff | 1 Comment  

Thirteen years ago today, God gave us the incredible gift of a baby girl. Today, she is a teenager. I know that the adolescent years are supposed to be fraught with angst and rebellion and conflict – and I know there will probably be conflicts ahead – but so far, Natalie has been an utter and complete joy.

So, Natalie, I want you to know how proud your daddy and I are of you. You are a loving, vibrant, smart, beautiful girl, and I am so blessed to be your mom. Never forget that you are a treasure – not only to us, but to your Father who gave you life. I am so excited to watch you grow into the woman He wants you to be.

Happy Birthday, Natalie! I love you very much.

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  1. Ron

    Happy B-day Natalie :)