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Last year, I did almost all of our Christmas shopping online. It saved me a ton of time, and I got some really good deals, too. The best thing about doing holiday shopping on the web is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or your office, without having to fight the crowds and look for parking spaces.

Look for sites that offer daily deals. During the holiday shopping season, which starts earlier and earlier every year – usually as soon as Halloween is over – a lot of sites offer a daily special on a a high-interest item.

Don’t forget gift cards. A lot of online retailers offer gift cards, either physical cards or e-mail gift certificates. And don’t just think merchandise. For those people who are difficult to buy for, you can purchase gift cards for restaurant and movie theater chains. Who doesn’t love a night out at the movies?

For people on your list who have very particular taste, you’ll have better luck finding something online, without all the legwork required at the mall or in town. Out-of-print books, gourmet items for foodies, specialty coffee, collectibles – there are web sites devoted to the most unique of gift lists.

When it comes time to start your holiday shopping, turn on the computer instead of starting the car. You’ll save gas and time and loads of frustration.

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