Extreme Health Makeover: Week Four

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Another week has gone by, and 3.4 more pounds have hit the dust. Woo hoo!

At last night’s meeting, we discussed LAB values. I need to go in to the clinic to have some blood drawn (oh, goodie!) so they can check my cholesterol and glucose levels. The doctor who is on the leadership team – and also happens to be our family doctor, Dr. Bacon (he’s terrific!) – gave us some very encouraging statistics. He talked about metabolic syndrome – which is basically a progression of health conditions that leads to diabetes and heart disease. He said that long-term studies have shown that lifestyle changes like the ones that we are making are more effective than any pill on the market for preventing diabetes and heart disease. That’s pretty amazing!

So, next week, I’ll fast overnight and get my blood drawn. It will be good to know the values (if anyone wants to know what healthy levels are, I can tell you – I took very good notes :) ) and also to see the difference at the end of the year.


  1. Ron


  2. Mother Mayhem

    Metabolic Syndrome? Yup. That’d be me. SIGH.

    WOOHOO! 3.4 lbs. lost! :o )

    It should be a crime for a doctor to have the last name of BACON. LOL
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  3. Sheila

    Here’s a tip in case you do have high cholesterol – I was able to lower mine by changing to an oatmeal breakfast that I sprinkled ground flax onto. I met with a dietician and she helped me find ways to lower it without drugs – they said I was too young for drugs. Ha ha! (I’m over 40).

    By the way, I posted a list of my “desert island” blogs and yours was on my list. :)
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  4. carrie

    Thanks, Ron. :)

    Lisa – I’m sorry! You are so funny and patient in dealing with your health issues – I admire you!

    Sheila – I just started eating oatmeal and almonds because it’s supposed to be good for lowering bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol. I haven’t had my numbers checked yet, but I thought I would work proactively just in case. And thanks for the compliment!

  5. Shelley

    Mother Mayhem – If you think it should be a crime for a doctor to have the last name of “Bacon, consider this: He is a VEGETARIAN! Now, THAT is funny! (And I should know; he gave me his name 30 years ago when we got married, and I have been a vegetarian ALL MY LIFE!)

  6. carrie

    Hi, Shelley – thanks for stopping by!