Dressing up for Halloween with your kids

August 12, 2009 Categories: Holidays | 2 Comments  

It seems every year that Halloween takes me by surprise. We’ve just settled in to our new school year, when October is upon us and the kids are getting excited about the Tae Kwon Do Halloween party. Each year, the dojang holds a terrific party with a costume contest – and a lot of the parents dress up along with their kids. It can be difficult to find adult Halloween costumes that are original and comfortable. (And by adult, I mean “for grown-ups” – not the other connotation. :) )

Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply taking your kiddos trick-or-treating and you want to join in on the fun, Halloweenstreet.com has costumes in a variety of themes, from Disney to Dr. Seuss costumes, and from every historical era you can imagine. You can be a fairy or a Flinstone, a doctor or nurse, a giant bag of Wonder Bread or a Tootsie roll. All the superheroes are also available, or you can make a political statement with a mask of your favorite (or least favorite) politician.

If you want to make attending a Halloween party or trick-or-treating a family affair, there are also couples costumes and maternity costumes for those of you expecting a future trick-or-treater.

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  1. Carrie K

    Too many times, the adult costumes are “adult” too. Why would everyone want to dress up as, well never mind. Good time to plan ahead! I used to really love Halloween.
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  2. carrie

    Carrie K- It’s a bigger deal now for us, with the ages the kids are at. Two years ago, they all decided to go as Gryffindors, with black capes and scarves I crocheted. :)