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Sorry I didn’t have a links post last Friday – I was too busy having fun! My sister Debra drove over from Silverdale with her three kids and we spent all day Thursday and all day Friday playing in the sun. Then Saturday, my kids had Tae Kwon Do seminars in the morning and a Tae Kwon Do tournament in the afternoon. In a very hot dojang stuffed full of people and sweaty kids. I was glad to get out of there!

On Sunday, I came down with the little gift my sister left for me – stomach flu. It wasn’t horrible – for me. Kevin, however – well, he had a rough time of it on Monday and Tuesday. Poor guy.

This week has been slightly less busy. Natalie got her hair cut – I’ll have to post pictures, because it’s adorable. I went to the gym three times this week so far. I’m embarking on a program called the Extreme Health Makeover – but that’s too big of news to be an aside and demands a post of its own in the next few days.

I’m posting this Thursday evening, because tomorrow morning we are heading south to Spokane to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! We have been so excited to see it, but last week was way too busy. I was hoping it would come to our teeny one-screen theater this weekend, but it didn’t, so we’ll drive the 60 miles south and see it at what my kids call “the big theater.” I’ll be sure to let you know what we think of it. Have any of you seen it yet?

Saturday we will spend the day at the lake, weather permitting. Sunday, we have been invited to a friends’ home for a BBQ. Should be a fun weekend. What are your weekend plans?

Here are the links I’ve saved to share with you:

~ Tim Hawkins is becoming one of my favorite comedians.

~ Brian Regan is another favorite.

~ Speaking of comedians, there is still time to enter my contest to win a Jim Breuer DVD.

~ The trailer for the upcoming season of House has me ready for fall.

~ Any mother who has had an inferior mother complex will appreciate this comic.

~ Nothing makes my day like a funny baby video.

~ This blog is dedicated to the forgotten items left in books as bookmarks.

~ I love these recycled book handbags!

~ Like mother, like daughter: Natalie has her first author interview posted on her review blog – with Lisa Samson.

~ Great post: They’re On Their Own: Why I’m Not Paying for My Kids’ College.

At Books and Movies lately:

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~ Self-analysis: sexual content in books.
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~ Monday’s Movie Review: The Proposal.


  1. Karen

    Glad you are finally getting to see HP! Hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to seeing it again with Halle soon.

    Tim Hawkins is one of my all-time favorite comedians! I have one of his DVDs and would love to get his latest. If you enjoy watching the clips, you would love him in person; he’s even better! If you haven’t already, sign up as a “fan” on Facebook so you can get notified of new video clips there.

    Really looking forward to the new season of House. But until then, I have a few new things to keep me occupied this summer. Mental and Royal Pains have become regular series recordings on my DVR, along with Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives.
    Karen´s last blog ..Twice in one month? My ComLuv Profile

  2. Andrea

    GASP! I always wanted to start a blog like Forgotten Bookmarks!

  3. carrie

    Karen – we did enjoy it. I find, though, that the farther into the series the films get, the more I miss the scenes that are left out. It was still very good, though.

    Andrea – A missed opportunity! Of course, you have more than enough on your plate already, don’t you? :)

  4. Mother Mayhem

    I’ve not seen HP, but I did overhear a discussion about the latest. Apparently it was a bit disappointing compared to the others. Take that for what it’s worth. LOL.

    Goat Boy will be mine! Am I really blowing away the competition?

    Off to browse the links. Oh, I also have an only child. I do NOT have movie star hair. ROFLMBO
    Mother Mayhem´s last blog ..Anyone else remember this one? My ComLuv Profile

  5. carrie

    Lisa – It was slightly disappointing – as the series gets further along, I miss the things they left out even more. Sigh.

  6. Shanice

    You should contact the bizymoms Spokane community to get your article featured to their large mom community. I am sure they would love to read your posts