Summertime gratitude…

June 18, 2009 Categories: This and That | 2 Comments  


… for kids who smell like grass and sunshine and chlorine.

… for less laundry, because shorts and t-shirts take up much less room in the washer, and because grass-stained knees on people are much easier to clean than grass-stained knees on jeans.

… for Vacation Bible School mornings when I get some much-needed kid-less time.

… for a wonderful rural library district that provides fantastic programs during the summer, like the wonderful quartet we heard play yesterday: jazz, swing, ragtime, showtunes, movie music. The kids loved it; and they learned the variations of soprano, alto, and tenor sax, what makes an oboe different from a clarinet, and how a bassoon works.

… for a husband who doesn’t begrudge me afternoons of downtime during our summer break from homeschooling – even if it means the house isn’t that much cleaner than it was during the school year.

… for dinners off the grill.

… for a beautiful city park with picnic tables in the shade that are perfect for lesson planning.

… for lots and lots more time for reading.


  1. Mother Mayhem

    LOVE you take on grass stains! :o )

  2. Mother Mayhem

    That should have been “your.” *Blush*