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May 25, 2009 Categories: Movies , Reviews | 2 Comments  

(Taken was provided to me by Click Communications for the purpose of review.)


Former government operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) begins the longest 96-hours of his life–and the hunt for the fearsome organization that has taken his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace, LOST). Mills had only recently given up his government career as what he calls a “preventer” to be near Kim, who lives with Bryan’s ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen, X-Men and her new husband. To make ends meet, Bryan joins some former colleagues for special security details (like guarding a pop diva), but most of his time and energy are spent re-connecting with Kim. Bryan’s familial goal is nearly derailed when Kim requests his permission to spend time in Paris with a friend. All too aware of the dangers that could lie ahead for Kim in a foreign land, Bryan says no, but Kim’s disappointment leads him to very reluctantly relent.

Bryan’s worst fears are realized when Kim and her friend Amanda are suddenly abducted–in broad daylight–from the Paris apartment at which they’ve just arrived. Moments before Kim is dragged away by the as yet unseen and unknown assailants, she manages to phone Bryan, who begins to expertly piece together clues that will take him to the darkness of Paris’s underworld, and to the City of Light’s plushest mansions. He will face nightmares worse than anything he experienced in black ops–and let nothing and no one stop him from saving his daughter.

Wow – Kevin and I watched this movie Friday night – and it was fantastic. It’s a simple movie really; the plot boils down to one thing: how far will a father go to save his daughter? And if that father is Liam Neeson, ex-CIA, the answer is pretty far. He loves his daughter and is determined to save her from the horrors that await her as a sexual slave on the black market. Because of his history fighting the worst criminals the world has to offer, he knows all to well what his daughter’s life will be like if he doesn’t succeed. And so failure is not an option.

This movie was violent. Neeson’s character engages in torture and brutality in his quest to find his daughter. Some people may find that disturbing, but as a mother wondering what she would do if her daughter was in the same situation, I found everything he did completely justified.

This is the kind of action-thriller that will make an evening speed by, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Highly recommended.

Taken is available on DVD now. The DVD includes both the theatrical version and an extended version.


  1. Mother Mayhem

    The question was posed to me just recently about Emily’s safety…

    Let me just say that anyone that would harm my child could not run far enough fast enough.

  2. carrie

    Lisa – that’s exactly how I feel, too.