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Three weeks of school to go. I am so ready to be done and have summer break – more so than I remember feeling in the past few years. Math has been a struggle this year for both Natalie and Jonathan, and all three of us are ready to not look at numbers for a few months. Can I just say that 6th grade math is insane? I am having to relearn so many things that I really have no reason whatsoever to relearn – except to teach them to my kids.

This was the week of series finales on TV: House (which I haven’t watched yet), Castle, Fringe, Lost, and Bones all sailed off into the summer season of reality shows. Tentative news says that Castle will be picked up for another season, which makes me much happier than a mere television show should, but it’s Nathan Fillion as a mystery writer – Captain Tightpants himself! If I can’t see him helm the Serenity, I’ll happily watch him banter and solve mysteries. (Speaking of which, did you see Nathan Fillion on Craig Ferguson?) Plus, Castle ended with a bit of a cliff-hanger, so I’ll have to pitch quite the fit if it doesn’t get picked up.

Speaking of cliff-hangers, anyone else out there watching Fringe? If so, what was with that grave Walter visited at the end?

Lost was so mind-blowingly fantastic and weird-making that I still haven’t processed it yet. Biggest question: Is Jacob good or evil?

Bones was the only finale that I found very disappointing. I hate it that they wasted an entire episode on a coma-induced hallucination. And then that last line: “Who are you?” And we have to wait until fall? Aargh!

As you can see, TV has occupied much of my time and thoughts this week. Now that all our favorite series are gone for the summer, we will be very happy with our Netflix subscription. We are waiting on the next season of many favorites: Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, Eureka, and Battlestar Galactica.

Other than TV, I’ve also had some great reading time this week, and finished three books: Graceling by Kristin Cashore, The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine, and Evidence: Poems by Mary Oliver. (Click on the title to be taken to my review.)

Besides reading and watching TV, I’ve been going through Michelle withdrawals, since my best friend and her family have been across the country visiting grandparents for two weeks. They come home tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to some long conversations – and the boys can’t wait, either, cause they’ve missed their weekly playdates with her boys.

This weekend, Kevin and the kids will be putting in some box gardens, using the methods in All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. I’m looking forward to lots of yummy produce this summer. Any of you planning a garden this summer?

Here are the links I saved to share with you:

~ Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) talks about becoming a mom overnight through adoption. Have a kleenex handy!

~ If you Twitter, check this list to see which of your favorite authors tweet, too.

~ Cormac McCarthy’s The Road was a favorite read last year (or was it the year before?) and the trailer has me looking forward to the movie.

~ Michelle at Scribbit has a hilarious post displaying things she will never wear. I can positively say – me, either.

~ Have you seen the trailer for the new Fox series Glee? I can’t wait.

And lastly, be sure to check out Books and Movies on Saturdays, when I do a purely book-related links post. You’d be amazed at how many book giveaways there are each week in the blogosphere.

Have a great weekend, everyone. :)


  1. Karen

    Hurry and watch House!! I want to hear your reactions. And I have already programmed my DVR for Glee. Hope it is as good as it looks.

  2. Sherry

    Yes, you need to watch House. It’s not as mind-blowing as LOST, but still. . . I’m wondering whether the writers are setting up for a really unusual plot development/character development next season —or for NO next season at all.

  3. Carrie K

    Lost was mind blowing. Who’s Locke? And who is Jacob, really? Poor Ben.

    I heard that Castle was picked up for sure, along with Fringe, and The Dollhouse. I didn’t watch it (Fringe) because I figured it was a goner and I’m just so tired of that.

    Bones was……well, partly a let down and partly fun. Did NOT appreciate that last line though.

  4. carrie

    Karen – I was actually two episodes behind in House, because I forgot to set my VCR (yes, we’re old-school) to record it the night I took my son to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I watched the second-to-last episode yesterday, but the finale won’t be up for a couple more days now.

    Sherry – I’m pretty sure House is already set to come back in the Fall. Now you’ve got me really wondering! I wish they put the episodes online the day after, like the other networks do – but they wait 8 days.

    Carrie K – It’s funny, I got hooked on Fringe, but didn’t give Dollhouse a chance because of the very reason you stated – I get so tired of getting hooked on a show and then having them drop it after only one season – or even after only one episode!

  5. Mother Mayhem

    Only 4 weeks to go here, then I’m breaking out my bubble shorts! BWAHAHA!

  6. carrie

    Lisa – I can’t decide between the bubble shorts and the harem pants. ;)

  7. Michelle at Scribbit

    I’ve never seen House though I think Hugh Laurie is a crack up–I remember him from Black Adder days and can’t help but chuckle.

  8. carrie

    Michelle – I’ve never seen Black Adder, but I love him as Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster!

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