Bullet list updates (Or, okay, Mom, here’s a post. ;) )

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~ Five weeks left in our homeschooling year. Not that I’m counting or anything. Looking forward to summer afternoons at the park or pool, reading lots and lots of books.

~ Natalie and I are singing together on Saturday at a Mother’s Day luncheon at my parents’ church. I know I’m not objective, since I’m her mom, but she has a beautiful voice. If I can get someone to film it, I’ll post a video.

~ Natalie will be auditioning for a Teen Idol concert next week – ages 12 to 18 audition to perform at a concert the following week. Her voice teacher is encouraging her to audition – seems Mom’s word wasn’t quite enough.

~ Kevin and I just re-watched Fun With Dick and Jane, starring Tea Leoni and Jim Carrey. It was inspired by the Enron scandal, but boy, it’s just as timely now.

~ Noah and Jonathan have come down with a cold.

~ We’re trying to figure out if we can refinance our house and take advantage of the low interest rates, since the market stinks, and we can’t sell our house.

~ I’m heading to Michelle’s Thursday evening for a Mom’s Movie Night -we’ll be watching Enchanted April.

~ My sister Deb and her kids will be coming to visit in July this summer – we haven’t seen each other in person in over a year, even though we chat online just about every day. I only wish Andrea and Marni and their kids could all come, too. Josiah and Peter (Marni’s oldest) talked on the phone for over an hour on Sunday – Josiah misses his best friend. A lot.

~ Speaking of Josiah, he has finished his 1st grade grammar and spelling books and has started on his 2nd grade books. Kevin was trying to remember the kids’ grade levels the other night, and asked Josiah what grade he was in. He answered, “1st,” but was quick to add, “but I’m doing 2nd grade math, 2nd grade grammar, and 2nd grade spelling.” :)

~ Kevin is very excited about the opening of fishing season – now if the lakes would just hurry up and thaw! His favorite lake still has ice on it as of Monday.

That’s all I can come up with for now – it’s late, and I’m sleepy. ‘Night!

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  1. Mother Mayhem

    Go, Natalie! :o )

    You do know that the cold will spread to the rest of you, right? SIGH.