To the man in front of us at Subway….

April 24, 2009 Categories: This and That | 5 Comments  

…who left enough money to cover the meals of everyone who was in line behind you:

Thank you so much! You were a blessing to my daughter and I. I wish I could thank you in person, but we were so caught up in our giggly conversation that we didn’t notice who was in front of us, let alone two people in front of us, and you were gone before we knew what you had done. What a treat to get to the cash register and be told our meal was already paid for!

Thank you again. :)


  1. floridamom

    That is so nice. It happened to our family once at a Chinese restaurant and it was such a wonderful surprise.

  2. liese4

    That happened to us at Olive garden. We had just gotten out of the hospital (my then 15mo old was in for an airway disorder.) When the bill came the waiter said another couple had paid for us! They had already left. We try when we can to do the same for a family eating out.

  3. Thoughts of Joy

    I LOVE THIS! What a blessing! I wish I knew more details behind his generosity on that day at that specific time.

  4. carrie

    Floridamom and Liese4 – That’s great – I’ve never experienced this before in my life – it was quite a surprise!

    Joy- I do, too. :)

  5. Mother Mayhem

    You were the victim of a random act of kindness. AWESOME!