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Our week back to school after Spring Break went much smoother than I had anticipated. It helps that as we get closer to summer, more and more subjects are being finished up, and the work load gets smaller. Good thing, because I am very ready for summer vacation. Last week of afternoons spent reading at the park or pool while the kids played/swam completely spoiled me. Spoiled me so much that I took them to the park again this Monday – after we were done with school, of course. It was in the high 70s, absolutely beautiful, and I had just picked up 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff at the library. It’s only 97 pages long, and I devoured that delightful book while the kids played for an hour and a half. A perfect afternoon.

This weekend is going to be pretty low-key, which is just fine with me. I am struggling with some church issues (again, or still, however you want to look at it) and mulling things over in my head. This will either be beneficial or an exercise in futility, I can’t tell yet. I’d like to go see Duplicity at the theater this weekend with my folks, if I can scrape together the moolah. We’ll see.

I don’t have a lot of web links to share with you this week, because I’ve been spending every spare moment getting the new Books and Movies populated with posts. So, in the spirit of blatant self-promotion, here are some links to what I’ve been doing over there. And, if you’re wondering why I moved it, this person’s post about the deceptive business practices at will help explain. My experience wasn’t quite as bad – at least not at the beginning – but it didn’t end well.

My posts at Books and Movies this week:

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~ Gasp! My daughter is a last-page-peeker!

~ Summer movie preview (including the latest Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer).

~ Blogwarming giveaway – I’m giving away six books.

~ Book review: 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.

~ Monday’s Movie Review: The Illusionist.


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  2. Deborah

    Hi! I wrote the post you linked to about They’ve finally taken my blogs down, which is fine with me, because they weren’t paying me anymore anyway. I guess after I brought it out on my blog that they were breaking the law by no longer paying for page views, they thought it best. Everyone I know who had a blog over there has been shut down. It’s just a scam to get you to post so they can get adsense and ad money, then they dump you. You know, if they had just said upfront that they would only pay for page views, people will might have blogged, but the way they went about it was all wrong.

    Glad you’re out of there. I really enjoyed your blog, but I never went back after what they did to me.

  3. Mother Mayhem

    I’m struggling with church issues as well. Let’s hold each other up in prayer? HUG.

  4. linda locked me out of my accounts as well. I had missing articles (high traffic) and no payments. I posted a blog on Today saying it was a SCAM and they shut me down. they also own wordpress so be carefull, i’d love to know just how many people have been scammed by today and wouldn’t it be nice to start a face book group that will get the medias attention? anyone game? have to set up bogus email and facebook accounts to do it.. in case today can get you there too!

  5. Andrea

    linda – does NOT own WordPress. They just use their software to run their site.

    We use the exact same software to run *this* site.

  6. carrie

    Andrea – thanks for the clarification – you beat me to it.

  7. David Gerard

    Yep, I just got shut out too, of Fortunately, I saved all my stuff and it’s alive and well at .

    By the way, you almost certainly own your stuff – they don’t pay per deal, the deal’s broken.

    I’m looking around for documentation of the owners of – apparently they’ve been bottom-feeding for about fourteen, fifteen years. I’ve been talking to some of the ex-staff, who were treated far worse than the bloggers. I feel the need to compile this stuff. Anyone got pointers, please email me at .
    David Gerard´s last blog ..Special trains introduced for the wrong type of snow My ComLuv Profile