Neurologist appointment

March 10, 2009 Categories: Health | 9 Comments  

I don’t have a lot of time, but here’s a quick update for those of you who have been following my saga to get rid of daily headaches. The doctor said that I most likely have a combination of two different problems – since my neuro exam and CAT scan of my brain both were normal. I have always separated my headaches into two different types: migraines, and regular headaches. I’d have a migraine once every couple months, and a regular headache almost every day. He said that for people – like me – who are predisposed to headaches and have a hereditary history of headaches (my grandfather, dad, sisters, and now Natalie are all migraine sufferers), that they classify them into “bad” migraine days and “normal” migraine days. So my daily headache could just be less serious migraines.

The other complication is that I’ve been taking ibuprofen and/or tylenol on a daily basis for more than a year now, so I’m having rebound headaches. He said that anyone who takes ibuprofen or tylenol more often than twice a week is a candidate for rebounds – if they already have a predisposition for headaches, which I obviously do.

Anyway, the plan is to get me on a daily preventative medication so that I can stop taking the ibuprofen and tylenol. Hopefully this will get rid of the daily headaches, and then I can taper off of the preventative medication and only take a migraine medication when I have a migraine. I will start the new med tonight – it’s actually an anti-siezure medication that has been found to work on brain chemistry as a migraine and headache preventative.

If you’ve read to the end of this lengthy explanation, and are the praying type, I would appreciate prayers as I try this new medication. I have a rocky past with perscription drugs, with lots of drug allergies and bad reactions. I would appreciate prayers that I do not have a bad reaction to the new medication – and that it works. He said that there are about a dozen different medications that neuros prescribe for prevention of migraine, and it’s just trial-and-error to find what works for each individual. I’d like to avoid a lengthy trial-and-error period, if at all possible.

Well, I’m off to corrrect yesterday’s math and start in on today’s work with the kids. Thanks for listening – and caring! I love my readers. :)


  1. Carol in Oregon

    Well, it’s good to have a plan. I hope that you find an answer earlier rather than later. (hugs)

  2. Joy

    My thoughts and prayers have included your request. :)

  3. Andrea

    Consider it done. :)

  4. Ron

    What Andrea said. Let us know how things go.

  5. carrie

    Thanks, everyone! You guys are wonderful. :)

  6. Meg

    Girl has been suffering from headaches since November – daily headaches, but no migraine type symptoms.

    She saw the neurologist on Monday and he also called them migraines (since I get them as well as her brother). I wonder if you’re on the same meds?

    Anyway, he also gave her a “migraine diet” list and cuts out about everything she eats.

    Good luck with your headaches!

  7. Eileen

    Praying that this new medication works out well for you Carrie! I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with these headaches. I actually have had a headache since last night and nothing has helped – unusual for me. I think it’s hormones. :-)

    Hang in there!

  8. Mother Mayhem

    Keeping you in my prayers. :o )

  9. Janelle

    I sincerely hope the new meds help you find relief. I also have problems with medication allergies and dislike having to try new ones. Will say a little prayer.