Why I will be rooting for the Cardinals today

February 1, 2009 Categories: Football | 2 Comments  

Area fans can’t root for the “Stealers” – Seattle Times.


  1. Eileen

    I’m sorry for your pain Carrie! :-) I’d probably still be having a hard time dealing with the loss too. To lose a game because of refs would really be hard to take. I still can’t stand to watch any highlights from the Packers Super Bowl loss. I also can’t bear to see the huge smile on John Elway’s face as he hoists the Lombardi Trophy in the air. Ugh. :-) And it was over 10 years ago!

  2. carrie

    Eileen – At least yesterday’s game was won fair and square. I’m sure the pain of three years ago will eventually fade… ;)