What I learned today

January 28, 2009 Categories: Homeschooling | 8 Comments  

If you do a science experiment involving an empty two-liter pop bottle and a balloon, during which the balloon is inflated and then allowed to deflate, and if the deflated balloon is exactly the shape of a scrotum, and you have three boys and a husband whose sense of humor hasn’t quite grown up yet, there will be jokes. Ahem.


  1. glowacademy


  2. glowacademy

    How did you get your banner up lol I cant get mine up lol

    Love your blog

  3. carrie

    Glow – I didn’t get my banner up – I’m not techy enough! Last year, I hired Andrea to design me a personal blog template. She’s wonderful!

  4. This Little Piggy


  5. BeckyB

    How true is that!?!? Makes me laugh because I live that life with 4 men!!! (or should I say BOYS!?!?!)

  6. Ron

    I had to stop by and lol :) I did chuckle when I read it.

  7. carrie

    Becky – so you know, don’t you? I can’t be the only one over-run with little men.

    Ron – Natalie is dreadfully out-numbered. I suppose Addison had the same experience, only in reverse!

  8. Andrea

    Actually, in our house, I would have been cracking the jokes and Ron would have been trying to be serious. :D