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January 23, 2009 Categories: Books , Contests , Funnies , News , Television | 2 Comments  

First of all, thanks to everyone who prayed for Carol’s new grandbaby, Noah. He is home from the hospital and doing better, though still on antibiotics.

Any big plans for your weekend? I’m taking the kids to see a theater production of Winnie the Pooh on Saturday. That’s our biggest plan for the weekend, and that’s just fine with me. Oh, and I need to watch the premiere of LOST that I recorded and still haven’t had time to watch.

Here are some links to help you be lazy this weekend:

~ There is still time to enter to win a copy of Questions from Little Hearts in my giveaway.

~ Any fans of ER out there? Looks like Dr. Doug Ross – a.k.a. George Clooney – is heading back for a cameo for this final season.

~ So, Natalie and I have my mom hooked on the Twilight series. She’s almost finished with book three. We were discussing the casting of Volturi vampire Jane in the upcoming New Moon film, and the two names we thought of were Kristin Chenoweth and Dakota Fanning. Maybe we should work in Hollywood casting!

~ This study just proves that life is not fair: Women less able to suppress hunger than men.

~ New Baby Blues comic: When Life Attacks.

At Books and Movies lately:

~ If you could invite six people – anyone, alive or dead – to dinner, who would you invite? Here’s my answer.

~ Essay Reading Challenge: Chicago by Rudyard Kipling.

~ Essay Reading Challenge: The Aeroplanes at Brescia by Franz Kafka.

~ Monday’s Movie: Son of Rambow.

~ My thoughts on the first half of Wuthering Heights.


  1. Sarah at themommylogues

    I could not agree more — I think Dakota Fanning in particular would make a WONDERFUL Jane!! Kristin Chenoweth would be good too.

    I am still tormented by the fact that I haven’t seen the movie yet. Even though I’ve read through the series 3 times now. {obsessing?}

  2. carrie

    Sarah – oh, you must see it! I thought it was very well done, especially when you consider the tiny budget.