25 Random Things About Me

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My sister Andrea tagged me to do this on Facebook (it’s not the devil, Andrea (the other one), I promise!) and then I saw Carol post hers, and thought it would be fun to post here. Especially since I have nothing more productive to write.

1. I am a book-a-holic. Not just reading, but buying, collecting, holding, sorting, cataloging, listing, listening to audiobooks, talking about…

2. I have been married for almost fourteen years to Kevin. We met in the spring of ’94, had our first date on Oct.1, 1994, got engaged over Christmas, and got married March 31, 1995. Other than my youngest sister, Marni, we have a thing for short engagements in our family!

3. I have three sisters and no brothers, but have only one daughter and three sons. I didn’t “get” my sons for a while, not having been around boys growing up – all the wrestling and rowdiness. Took my husband and Dobson’s book Bringing Up Boys to show me they’re just normal, healthy boys.

4. I’m a grammar geek. I hate to see poor grammar, and want to correct it, no matter what. If it wasn’t against the law to take a Sharpie to signs in public, I’d edit every mistake I see.

5. I won 2nd place in our state’s regional Spelling Bee when I was in 6th grade. I lost on the word spoliation. I watched the documentary “Spellbound,” and I’m convinced the words have gotten much harder since I was studying them!

6. I am two classes away from a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts. This drives many people crazy. It doesn’t bother me at all.

7. I will have been blogging for four years in January. There are several people I’ve met through blogging who I consider to be dear friends, even though I’ve never met them in real life.

8. I homeschool my kids – have since the very beginning, when Natalie was in kindergarten. We’re now in our 7th year of homeschooling.

9. I hate to have my picture taken. Notice my profile pic is of my kids, not me.

10. I am a dedicated Seattle Seahawks fan. I watch every game by myself, since my husband isn’t a football fan. I’ve even used an early game as an excuse to skip church. (Don’t tell my mom.)

11. I am a movie fanatic. I love to go to the movies, watch trailers for upcoming movies, and watch movies on DVD. I come by it naturally – my dad has a movie collection so big he could open his own rental store.

12. I am an Anglophile, and love all things British, Irish, and Scottish. Monarch of the Glen and the BBC’s Robin Hood are two of my favorite television series.

13. I love BBC costume dramas – but have to watch them by myself. Kevin takes one look at the costumes, hears the British accents, and says, “no way.”

14. I cry all the time. Something happened when I had kids, and I now cry at the drop of a hat. For instance, my kids are re-watching “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” right now, and when the scene where Harry beats the dragon came on, and Hermione cheers for him, I immediately teared up. Pathetic, I know. My kids think I’m crazy. They especially hate it when I tear up during our read-aloud time.

15. I’m a registered Republican who voted for Barack Obama. I blogged about my decision. You wouldn’t believe how many online “friends” and blog readers this cost me. Almost as many as the homeschooling friends I’ve lost because we love Harry Potter.

16. I talk on instant messenger to my sisters Andrea and Debra almost every day.

17. I was blessed enough to marry a man who likes to talk. We never run out of things to talk about.

18. The kids and I are learning Latin together. We can now say four prayers in Latin.

19. I love history. I used to hate science, until I started teaching it to my kids. Then I realized that I just had really boring teachers – science is fascinating, and I have a lot of fun learning alongside my kids.

20. Kevin likes to watch TV on DVD, so we don’t have to sit through commercials. I like watching it when it airs; that way I can read during the commercials.

21. I have been working as a freelance writer for almost three years now. I’ve written articles as varied as “How the Pope is chosen,” “The history of coffee,” “Science supplies for homeschoolers,” and “Going back to work while nursing.”

22. I have extremely eclectic musical taste. Just a sampling: John Denver, Taylor Swfit, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Kate Rusby, Paul Simon, Mercy Me, Bee Gees, Billy Joel, An Dochas, Elton John, Carrie Underwood, George Winston, Roger Whittaker, etc.

23. I’m going to steal this one from Andrea: I love spring and autumn and couuld live without summer and winter.

24. I love buying books for my kids, and get totally excited when they find a book they love.

25. I do not iron. I purposely only buy clothes for my family that don’t require ironing.

Anyone out there who hasn’t already done this one or a variation of it? Consider yourself tagged.


  1. Andrea

    HA! :D

  2. Dreamer

    Since you like spelling, I suggest Akeela and the Bee. It is really good-one of my favorite movies (though I am not a movie person so I don’t have many to choose from)


  3. carrie

    ;) Andrea

    Dreamer – I LOVED Akeelah and the Bee – it was fantastic.

  4. Lawanda

    I don’t like ironing either!! I cry all the time too. My kids make fun of me sometimes… But I can’t help it!!! :)

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  6. Carrie

    wait, it’s illegal to sharpie on signs with misspellings? *headdesk* I think it should be MORE illegal to make misspellings on signs. Mhm.

    I will set this up for tomorrow’s post, since I have a boy home sick and I cannot go to Curves today.

  7. carrie

    Lawanda – I know, it’s involuntary!

    Carrie – I agree – let’s start a petition!

  8. This Little Piggy

    Did you ever read or watch Flambards? One of my all time favorite series. :o )

    I’m so with you on #25.

  9. carrie

    Lisa – never heard of it before, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and I’m intrigued. Off to see if Netflix has it on DVD.

  10. Carol in Oregon

    Aren’t these fun? As for #7 I consider you one of mine. Someday we’re going to get together for a Mom’s getaway, eh?

  11. carrie

    Carol – yes, most definitely!

  12. Carrie K

    Loyalty to a political party seems to have trumped loyalty to the country. I vote for whoever I think can do the best job under the current circumstances.

    I used to be a movie fanatic. Somewhere along the way, I lost interest.

    You’re earning Latin with your kids? Now that sounds like fun!

  13. This Little Piggy

    I found this while surfing.


    Didn’t know if you’d ever used it or not. ;o)

  14. carrie

    Carrie – it is fun! At least I think it’s fun – I may be enjoying it more than the kids, but they’ll be grateful for it when they’re older. I hope.

    Lisa – thanks – off to check it out!

  15. M Light

    My older kids just smile indulgently when I get teary. Younger son still thinks it’s strange. I just finished reading “The Silver Chair” to him, and, at one point near the end, he said, “Mommy, you’re getting teary!” I replied, “No, I’m crying.”

    I hate ironing too and rarely do it. I also agree about winter and summer.

    BTW, my anti-spam word for this comment is “free.” I thought that was appropriate today.

  16. carrie

    M Light – Ironing is from the devil, I’m convinced. :)

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