2008 in Review

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It has become my custom to post a year-end wrap-up by posting a short snip from the first post of each month throughout the year. Since I do a lot of review posts, I will use the first post of a personal nature for each month. It’s always fun to look back over the course of a year.

January 3, 2008 – Kindred spirits

I am re-watching You’ve Got Mail. Close to a perfect film: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, witty dialogue, and books. Early on in the film, Meg Ryan’s character, Kathleen, talks about what her mother did when she started her bookstore. That she wasn’t just helping children find books, but she was helping to shape who they would become, because the books we read as children have a direct effect on the kind of people we become.

I started thinking about the people who helped me find the books that shaped who I have become. And wishing that I had a way to thank them, to tell them what a profound impact they made on my life.

February 1, 2008 – Links for Friday

It’s Friday! Anyone got exciting plans for the weekend? Kevin’s hoping to take the kids sledding tomorrow. It’s snowing – again. It’s pretty wet, though, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a big mess by the end of the day.

When I remember thinking we had a lot of snow last year, and compare it with what’s out there right now (and still falling), I have to laugh.

March 4, 2008 – Mean mom

I’ve been a mean mom today. How, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

~ I made Jonathan do both the drill sheet and the worksheet from his Saxon math lesson today.

~ I made the kids listen to a “really, really” long chapter out of The Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of the Middle Ages – and then, I had the sheer nerve to ask them questions about what I had read. I considered reading a second “really, really” long chapter, but I thought that might be pushing a bit past the limits of matriarchal mean-ness….

I confess, I’m still a mean mom. Though our Christmas break has involved much less reading and much more game-playing on the kids’ part than I would like. I lose some of my steely resolve when I’m not feeling well.

April 2, 2008 – Love and books

“Some years ago, I was awakened early one morning by a phone call from a friend. She had just broken up with a boyfriend she still loved and was desperate to justify her decision. “Can you believe it!” she shouted into the phone. “He hadn’t even heard of Pushkin!””

Thus starts the essay It’s Not You, It’s Your Books from The New York Times Sunday Book Review. What do you think? Is literary compatibility a requirement for love?

I think not. Kevin and I have been married thirteen years, and our tastes in books are as different as night and day. For Kevin, it’s all non-fiction history, and mostly about World War II. For me, it’s just about anything that’s printed in a book. And he doesn’t really like to talk about books. When he makes the mistake of asking, “What are you reading?” – his eyes glaze over after the first few sentences. He says, “That’s what you have Michelle for.”

This hasn’t changed much, but that’s okay. There’s more to marriage than book-compatibility. :)

May 8, 2008 – 2007-2008 School year wrap-up

We’re not actually finished with our school year – won’t be until Friday, June 6th – but things are starting to slow down as various curricula gets finished or heads into review mode for the last few weeks. In most ways, it’s been a very good year. The only disappointment has been that we won’t finish history on time, and we didn’t do as much art as I’d liked. But we added a more intensive grammar program and Latin, so it all balances out, I suppose.

This reminds me that the New Year is generally my time for looking ahead to August and the next school year. Natalie will be entering 7th grade – junior high!

June 3, 2008 – Historic evening

As of tonight, there will be a black nominee for president on the ballot in November. Regardless of how you feel about Senator Obama’s politics, can we just take a moment to reflect on the historicity of this event?

July 3, 2008 – Links for Friday

Happy July, everyone! Can you believe that June is over? It went very, very fast – mostly because we were so incredibly busy.

Any plans for Independence Day? We’re heading to Mom and Dad’s for the day. Dad’s got some leftover pre-cut catamarans from camp, so the kids are going to make cool wooden sailboats, and then we’re going to head to Chewelah park to float them in the creek. We’ll have chicken and potato salad for dinner, and then celebrate my sister Marni’s birthday. Her 29th – my baby sister is turning 29! How did that happen?

Marni and Hans are settling in well in St. Louis after a couple rough months. I still miss her like crazy, though.

August 3, 2008 – Long vacation post, with pictures

We’re home! We slept in our own beds last night, but I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Why is having fun on vacation so exhausting?

Our vacation was an amazing experience – one I hope we can repeat sometime in the next couple of years.

September 3, 2008 – I’m afraid to vote

Yes, that’s me. My name is Carrie, and I’m a terrified voter. I’ve had so many thoughts about the upcoming presidential election rattling around in this brain of mine, and I kept thinking I should organize them and write a post of some sort. Well, it was either organize my thoughts, or write a post, because I don’t have time to do both. So I’m posting, and you’ll have to excuse the disorganized (and probably long) mishmash of a post this will be.

Let’s start with a little background, and then I’ll get myself in trouble right off the bat. Sounds promising, huh?

I overcame my fear and voted for President-elect Obama. I’m still convinced I made the right choice.

October 1, 2008 – Political blogging

There’s something I’ve noticed as I’ve been reading blogs lately. And I’m not talking strictly about political blogs, but also about general bloggers who occasionally mention politics. Once a blogger has decided on a candidate – or if they are strictly a party-line voter – their blog posts reflect this in an unswerving way.

Blogging about politics and my decision to vote for a Democrat was certainly an eye-opening experience. Sad to say, some of the most hateful comments I received were from professing Christians.

November 7, 2008 – The election, my birthday, links, and nine winners

I don’t have many links to share this week – I’ve been too busy to do much surfing. I will say that we watched the election returns and speeches on Tuesday night. The kids and I watched Schoolhouse Rock, particularly the song “I’m Going to Send Your Vote to College” and talked about how the electoral college works. We tracked the votes on our map, with red and blue stickers. Since we live on the West, they were able to stay up long enough to see almost all of president-elect Obama’s speech, but Noah was nodding off toward the end.

I cried often, with true amazement that our country has elected a black president. Only fifty or so years ago, Barack Obama would have not been allowed in certain restaurants, would have had to sit at the back of the bus, would have gone to a segregated school. But this is 2008, and he is our new president. Noah wondered why I was crying: “Why are you sad? You voted for him, didn’t you?” I tried to explain, but I’m not sure if he understood.

December 1, 2008 – Stop this week, I wanna get off!

Today was my least busy day of this week – it’s all downhill from now. Sigh.

I got through it. :)

That was 2008 in review – blogwise, anyway. I’m sure I’ll post something more reflective as the New Year approaches.

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