Please pray for my dad

December 23, 2008 Categories: Prayer | 6 Comments  

I would appreciate some prayers and good thoughts sent my dad’s way. He was working on a birdhouse that someone had asked him to make for a last-minute Christmas gift, and sliced the thumb and middle finger of his left hand on his skill saw. The middle finger only needed a couple of stitches, but the pad of his thumb was almost completely severed. The doctor re-attached it, but isn’t sure if the blood vessels will heal correctly. If they don’t, the pad of the thumb will die and fall off, and he will need plastic surgery to build that back up. Prayers for a quick and complete healing would be greatly appreciated.


  1. themindfulhomeschool

    My prayers go out to you and your family. I hope that his recovery is swift and his healing is complete.

  2. carrie

    Mindful homeschool – Thank you so much. I saw him tonight, and it’s healing well. When he had the dressing changed at the hospital today, they said the tip of his thumb was pink, which was a good sign that it may be getting circulation. We’ll keep praying – thanks again.

  3. Dana

    Glad to hear about the pink! Just prayed and I hope it all turns out well.

  4. tonia

    I will pray for your dad, carrie.

    Wishing you much joy over these beautiful Christmas days.

    May His presence bring you refreshing.

  5. This Little Piggy

    Said. :o )

  6. Marg

    What a horrible sounding accident. My thoughts are with your dad and your family.