Prayer requests

December 18, 2008 Categories: Prayer | 6 Comments  

I would greatly appreciate some prayers being lifted up on my behalf. With my typical propensity for rotten timing, I am experiencing back spasms in my lower back. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but these are bringing back bad memories of back labor. Kevin took me to the doctor yesterday, and he prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxants. It was better last night, but laying down overnight has made it worse again. My biggest worry is that I’m supposed to play the piano and sing Sunday night for our church’s Christmas program, including a three-hour dress rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. My poor director is already so stressed; calling her to tell her I can’t perform would give the dear woman a heart attack.

So, please pray for the meds to work. Pray that I find a way to sleep that doesn’t make me wake up with worse spasms in the morning.

And, please pray for my mom. She is having stomach surgery tomorrow to repair an issue with her small intestine. Pray for a quick recovery so that she can enjoy Christmas.

Update: They have cancelled my mom’s surgery. Some areas in Spokane (where her surgery will be held) have received 30 inches of snow. We have about 15 in Colville – and it’s still coming strong. All non-emergency surgeries have been cancelled for today and tomorrow. Which is good, since she’ll be able to enjoy Christmas. But it’s also bad, because they won’t be able to do her surgery until after the New Year, which means paying next year’s deductible, when this year’s had already been met.

Thanks so much. I love knowing that I can post something here and know that my wonderful online friends will be praying for me.


  1. Meg

    I’ll be sending good thoughts your way. I hope things improve.

  2. Carrie K

    Well, you’ve already been in my prayers but I’ll add your mom! Bummer about having the surgery starting out next year’s deductible. OTOH, it should get it out of the way quickly.

  3. Eileen

    I’m sorry Carrie, prayers being said for your recovery and for your mom!

    It’s funny right before I clicked on this my husband was telling me about all the snow in Spokane. His company has an office there and he said it’s closed right now.

    We have tons of snow here already in Wisconsin but it’s currently not snowing. 5-8 inches overnight tonight and tomorrow though.

  4. M Light

    Prayers that the medicines will do their job and that you’ll get good, relaxing rest tonight.

  5. Joy

    Prayers have been sent. :)

  6. This Little Piggy

    Prayers being said. :o )

    Keep Sweetums and I in yours. We are so hoping to be better by Christmas!

    ~*~MeRrY ChRiStMaS!~*~