If you saw me…

November 12, 2008 Categories: Memes & Quizzes | 5 Comments  

If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?

Answer me, then post to your own blog and see how many crimes you get accused of.

I saw this at Meg‘s and just had to see what your answers are.


  1. Meg

    Attacking some author for not writing the next book in a series fast enough.

    heh, heh – this is fun.

  2. This Little Piggy

    For being a catburglar at Barnes & Noble?

  3. Kev

    Reckless Driving. Because you were trying to read a really good book and drive at the same time.

  4. carrie

    Hey, you guys and gals must think I like to read or something! ;)

  5. Heather Neff

    Chasing down the author of the book that you want to come out whose pub date KEEPS getting pushed back! That is stalking… ;)