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Can you believe tomorrow is Halloween? This month has flown by, and we’re heading into snowball season. No, I don’t mean literal snow. I mean the time of year where – for our family, at least – Halloween rolls into my birthday rolls into Josiah’s birthday rolls into Thanksgiving rolls into Natalie’s birthday rolls into Christmas. Whew – I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I’m just not crazy about the hecticness leading up to it.

Tomorrow night, we will take the kids to my parents’ church for the ultimate in Harvest Parties. My Dad has built all of these amazing games, and they give out tons of candy – way more than we ever got when we used to trick-or-treat. Which the kids really, really need because they’ve been so, so nice to each other lately. (Can you sense the sarcasm in that sentence?)

What I’m really looking forward to is next Friday. See, it’s my birthday – and all three boys are staying over at Michelle and Don’s house for Nicholas’s birthday, and Natalie is spending the weekend with my folks. So Kevin and I are heading to Spokane to eat dinner and go to Barnes & Noble so I can pick out my birthday present. Can’t. wait.

This weekend will be spent dealing with kids on way too much sugar, while I try to write the four articles that are due by Monday. Sigh.

~ I feel really guilty about complaing when I read posts like this one from Carol.

~ Bookroom Reviews is holding a Book Giveaway Carnival next week – be sure and check out the details at the link if you want to participate, and then check back on Monday for the list of all the bloggers giving away books.

~ There’s a new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer up at Entertainment Weekly.

~ I have a guest review of The Night Country by Stewart O’Nan over at J. Kaye’s Book Blog.

~ Great article by Rod Dreher about one of my all-time favorite authors: Wendell Berry’s time is now.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Tracy

    Thanks for posting about the carnival:) I like your site!