Featured DVDs: 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure, 101 Dalmatians, and 102 Dalmatians

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(101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure, 101 Dalmatians, and 102 Dalmatians were provided to me by Click Communications for the purpose of this feature.)


Puppies, puppies and more puppies are packed into this entertaining and exciting sequel to Disney’s classic, 101 Dalmatians. And now, the 101 Dalmatians II Special Edition DVD includes even more fun and adventure, with an all-new “Patch’s Twilight Adventure” game, music videos, a behind-the-scenes “dog-umentary” and more!

The adventure begins when Pongo and Perdita’s pup Patch, who is not satisfied being just one out of 101, gets the chance to meet his TV hero, Thunderbolt, the “One-of-a-Kind Wonderdog.” When Thunderbolt’s trusty sidekick Lightning reveals that the show’s producers are on the lookout for a new star, Thunderbolt – with Patch in tow – struts out into the real world to perform true acts of heroism. And when puppy-obsessed Cruella De Vil returns, it’s Patch and Thunderbolt’s teamwork and freindship that will save the day.

101 Dalmations II: Patch’s London Adventure is now available on DVD. The DVD bonus features include the new “Patch’s Twilight Adventure” game, the “Try Again” music video, the “Lost in London” game, the “You’re the One” music video, Thunderbolt: A Look Inside, and a Behind-the-Scenes “Dog-umentary.”


Unleashing every ounce of Disney magic, 101 Dalmatians thrills audiences of all ages with fast-paced adventure and comedy – featuring a brilliant performance by five-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close (including Best Actress, Dangerous Liaisons, 1988) as Cruella De Vil. Achieving new heights of hilarity, Disney’s all-time classic puppy tale comes to life as a worldwide box office sensation. In their small London flat, Dalmatians Pongo and Perdy, and their human “pets” Roger and Anita, are overjoyed by the arrival of 15 puppies. But when the spotted-fur-loving Ms. De Vil and her clumsy cohorts Jasper and Horace, dognap the litter – along with every other Dalmatian pup in London – Pongo and Perdy must rally the town’s animals to their rescue. The plan hurls them towards a thrilling climax filled with uproarious moments as the puppies attempt to outwit their captors and bring on a final showdown with Cruella!

Packed with one of the largest and cutest collections of puppies ever brought to film, 101 Dalmatians also features a superb cast of talented humans, including Jeff Daniels, Joely Richardson and Joan Plowright. Now you can bring home Disney’s live-action comedy hit, praised by critics as nothing short of “phenomenal!” (CBS-TV)

With all these movies featuring adorable puppies, the kids are putting the pressure on me to get a dog. I am not an animal person, though I do enjoy watching animals in film. Animals in film do not poop on my floor, need to be fed, or require expensive veterinarian appointments.

All pet-talk aside, the kids have never seen this movie before, but they are enjoying all of the Dalmatian films. Not only do you have the wonderful Plowright, Daniels and Richardson, but you have Greg House, MD (aka Hugh Laurie) and Mr. Arthur Weasley (aka Mark Williams) as Cruella’s sidekicks.

101 Dalmatians is available now on DVD.


Get ready for outrageous fun in Disney’s 102 Dalmatians. It’s a hilarious adventure starring the audacious Oddball, the spotless Dalmatian puppy on a search for her rightful spots, and Waddlesworth, the wisecracking, delusional macaw who thinks he’s a Rottweiler. Barking mad, this unlikely duo leads a posse of puppies on a mission to outfox the wildly wicked, ever-scheming Cruella De Vil (glenn Close). Filled with chases, close calls, hilarious antics and thrilling escapes all the way from London through the streets of Paris – and a Parisian bakery – this adventure-packed tale is wacky good fun your entire family will want to howl over again and again.

102 Dalmatians is available now on DVD. The DVD bonus features include deleted scenes, three behind-the-scenes featurettes, audio commentary with the director, puppy auditions and outtakes, and more.

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