Can I just say?

September 13, 2008 Categories: Rants | 10 Comments  

E-bay sellers have ruined library sales for the true book-lover.

Oh, and one more thing: if you intend to go to a library sale which is held in a small basement room of the local rural library, during which you will be crammed in with about fifty other people reaching over each other to pick books off the shelves, for pity’s sake, take a shower and wear deodorant!


  1. Kev

    Oh, Carrie – you’d love our local Library Book sales. Our local library system has a non-profit foundation that takes care of raising money for the library, including through the sales of books. Every August, they take over a local small shopping mall and have table after table covered with books – paperbacks, hardbacks, large-type, as well as other material that is out of date like encyclopedias, software, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, records, magazines, and tons of other library materials. The main branch of the library also has a kiosk where you can purchase used books from year round. It’s supposed to be staffed by volunteers from that non-profit agency – but I’ve never actually seen it staffed :-)

    We have another local library that has a yearly book sale, it’s not nearly as big, but is just as popular. It used to be held at a farmer’s market across the street from the library (but someone bought that market and turned it into the headquarters of an advertising agency).

  2. Carrie K

    I take it there’s some personal experience there? lol. Our library book sales are pretty nice, a small backroom but an all day event. The selection is odd though.

  3. Lawanda

    Well, my word was HUGS! So here’s ya some (((hugs))) ;)

    That would be annoying! :-p

  4. labmom1227

    Well, I confess to buying textbooks on ebay, and out-of-print cookbooks, but I still love to roam the local library sales. However, they sometimes seem to be overburdened with Danielle Steele and and other corset-busting volumes, so finding something unique and worthwhile can be a challenge. I feel your pain…

  5. Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

    I want to go to Kev’s annual library sale!

  6. carrie

    Kev – that sounds like an amazing sale! If only Indiana wasn’t halfway across the country… :)

    Carrie K – our selection is odd, too – it takes a while to see what’s there and find anything decent. Which is hard to do when the room is stuffed with stinky people. :)

    Lawanda – (HUGS) back

    Labmom – I have bought books on E-bay, too, so I guess it’s hypocritical to not want the sellers at “my” book sale. ;)

    Sheila – I know – me, too!

  7. Aspiring Lilly


  8. Birdie

    Oops! That last comment was mine. I didn’t realize that I was signed in as my daughter. I’m sorry about that.

  9. carrie

    Birdie – that’s okay – I’ve posted as my daughter before, too.

  10. Heather @ CamianAcademy

    No kidding about the smelly people. Though I do have to cut people some slack if it’s held on one of those humid nasty days where you work up a stench and sweat by simply standing still.