Seven years later, we still remember

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(I’m re-posting this memorial from 2006. I was assigned Mr. Moroney’s name for the 2,996 project, which blogged about each victim of 9/11.)

Dennis G. Moroney of Eastchester, New York was 39 on September 11, 2001. He was working at the WTC as Senior Vice President of Cantor Fitzgerald when the twin towers came down.

Mr. Moroney grew up in Freehold, New Jersey with his parents, Thomas and Joan Moroney, and his six brothers. He graduated Manhattan College in 1984 and became a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald in 1998.

More important than his resume, however, is the family he left behind: his wife of 16 years, Nancy, and his children, Elizabeth and Timothy.

In 2002, Nancy spoke of her husband. The things that stand out in her mind are his sweetness, his charm, and his sense of humor.

Mr. Moroney loved to run and could often be seen jogging around his neighborhood. He also enjoyed golf and swimming, and coached Eastchester Youth Soccer’s crew team.

Dennis Moroney was a victim on September 11th. He was a person, with family left behind. It has been five years, and time seems to dull our remembrance of the horror of that day. We think of the victims in terms of numbers. But they all had names, families, and people to mourn them.

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  1. Terri

    I’m glad you posted this. I have 4 boys and that’s “quite a handful”, Dennis’ mom must have really had her hands full with 7 boys! :)