A to Z Meme

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Saw this at Meg’s and decided to play along.

Accent: Growing up in Washington State, I don’t have one. Pretty generic American, I guess. Though I pick up accents, especially when I’ve been watching a lot of BBC. Noah could always tell when I’d been watching Monarch of the Glen – he said I talked like Lexie. :)

Breakfast or no breakfast: Definitely – and I must have protein. I like the low-fat breakfast Lean Pockets with eggs and sausage. Or toast with peanut butter. And coffee, though I’m not supposed to have it because of my GERD.

Chore I don’t care for: I’m with Meg – any type of housework is low on my list of favorite things to do.

Dog or Cat: Neither – I’m not much of an animal person. And, we have a small house and four kids…

Essential Electronics: Laptop, MP3 player, and PDA.

Favorite Cologne: I used to wear Nokomis, but I don’t wear any perfume any more. On men, I like Cool Water – but my hubby doesn’t wear cologne, either.

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Handbag I carry most often: Burgundy purse. Usually accompanied by a tote full of books.

Insomnia: Occasionally – usually hormone related.

Job Title: Just one? Homeschooling mom, freelance writer, chief cook and bottle washer.

Kids: One daughter: Natalie, 11. Three sons: Noah, 10; Jonathan 8; and Josiah, 6.

Living Arrangements: A very small house that we’re trying to sell so we can move into something bigger.

Most Admirable Trait: Compassion. I’m also a good listener, I think.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Most of my naughtiness occurred after I was no longer a child, at least technically. I did skip school once, but I got caught. Oh, and once I got my driver’s license, I used to sneak the car out at night for junk food runs with my sisters. My parents slept through just about anything. Oh, and I got drunk on champagne at a wedding at which I sang – but it wasn’t my fault. That’s enough true confessions for now.

Overnight hospital stays: Five days for Natalie’s birth, but I was only considered a patient for two. I stayed three more nights in a “parent room,” because Natalie was in the NICU. I can’t remember if I stayed for one night or two with Noah’s birth. Four nights with Jonathan’s birth – an emergency cesarean. One night with Noah when he was 17 months old and had croup. Three nights with Josiah’s birth – a repeat c-section and tubal. One night for gall bladder surgery.

Phobias: Spiders, crossing old bridges in the car. Oh, and I’m not so hot about heights, either.

Quote: My favorite, or something I say? One of my favorites is on the header image above. I say “crap” more often than I should.

Reason to smile: My kids can always make me smile.

Siblings: Three younger sisters: Andrea, Debra, and Marni.

Time I wake up: On a weekday, 6:30 or 7. On weekends, I like to sleep in until 9.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Unusual? Hmmm… I can alphabetize words really fast.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Peas. Shudder.

Worst Habit: Procrastination.

X-rays: My ankle twice, but it was just sprained both times.

Yummy Stuff: I’ll go with Meg’s answers: Chocolate, Cheesecake….

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Like I said, not much of an animal person. :)

I tag Sheila at Dodging Raindrops, Eileen at Books and Hooks, Karen at Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac, Lisa at The Funny Farm, and Lawanda at Lovin’ Life.


  1. Meg

    peas huh?

    Is there a story to go with that?

  2. carrie

    Meg – no story, really – peas is the one food aversion of childhood that I still have as an adult. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, even spinach in stuff – I got over that. But peas – even just the smell of them cooking – I find revolting.

  3. Meg

    Snow peas?

    My mom always served canned peas – they were bad. Also canned creamed corn – even worse

  4. carrie

    Meg – I agree with creamed corn. With peas, it doesn’t really matter – fresh, canned, frozen, snowed – they’re all gross. :)

  5. thislittlepiggy

    I smell bacon! EEK!

  6. Lawanda

    I was just thinking about you yesterday as I finished a Dickens book. Dunno why! ;)

    (Could be because nobody I know reads them! The one I just finished was Barnaby Rudge. If you haven’t already you should read it! :) )

    Oh. And I love it when I get tagged! WOOT! ;)

  7. Jo

    Another bridge girl here. I’m getting better about it but I still get a chill going over one and forget about crossing the Mississippi!!!

  8. carrie

    Jo – there’s an old bridge we cross when we go up to Trail, BC to take our kids to the aquatic center, and I hold my breath the whole way across!