About My Sisters

April 28, 2008 Categories: Books , Commonplace Book | 4 Comments  


Deja watches and smiles. “Sometimes I just can’t get over it,” she says.

“What’s that, Dej?”

“You’re all just so . . . beautiful,” she says. “I have the most beautiful sisters in the world.”

We all share this feeling, but only Deja could give it voice. In anyone else’s mouth, these words would sound syrupy and insincere. Deja manages to convey their real meaning. My sisters are lovely, but she’s not talking about physical beauty. Together, we illuminate each other. When we reflect off each other, whatever light we possess individually is made that much brighter. It is this brightness that Deja finds beautiful. It is the brilliance and power of sisters.

~ from About My Sisters by Debra Ginsberg


  1. Lawanda

    Methinks this book will be read by myself and my daughters at some point ;)

  2. carrie

    Lawanda – wait until your girls are grown – this is definitely a memoir about adult sisters, and not written from a Christian perspective. Not obscene or anything, but there are people living together who aren’t married, etc.

  3. Eileen

    I have 3 sisters and we’re all very close. We all live near each other. I feel blessed to have them!

    (I have no brothers.)

  4. carrie

    Eileen – I have three sisters and no brothers, too! Unfortunately, we don’t all live close. The closest one is 2 1/2 hours away, and she’s moving cross-country to St. Louis in July. :(