Tired, but happy – oh, and a tag

April 26, 2008 Categories: All About Me , Memes & Quizzes | 3 Comments  

Today was just what I needed. Kevin and I and the boys drove up to Trail, B.C. to swim and play at the Aquatic Center. (Natalie is spending the weekend with Grandmama and Papa.) We stayed for about three hours. I swam for an hour and a half, showered, and then sat and read until Kevin and the boys were worn out and starving. We went out to eat where I had some very yummy stuffed mushrooms (so not on Weight Watchers :( ). A quick stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee and then the ride home, during which I managed to doze off in spite of drinking a large Tim Horton’s with two creams and two sugars.

The kids are now getting some game time in, Kevin is dozing since he had to stay awake to drive us home, and I’m going to watch the second half of Anna Karenina. I bought the version with Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean (!) a while ago, but have been saving it until I had finished the book. I watched the first half last night while Kevin was gaming, and it’s just okay. But it is Sean Bean, so I will force myself to finish it. ;)

Karen tagged me to do the Seven Random Facts Meme, so here goes:

~ I love the beach, but hate the ocean – the underwater part of it, anyway. I hate movies that feature underwater scenes – Finding Nemo is about the only exception. Those underwater aquariums – where the water is all around you and you can see all those fish and sharks swimming around – make me freak out, which Kevin discovered on our honeymoon. Guess I’ll never go snorkeling.

~ I have only lived in one state – Washington. I’ve lived in the northwest corner, southwest corner, and we now reside in the northeast corner.

~ My daughter and I are planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year.

~ I was a theater major in college and acted and/or sang in several plays, including A Comedy of Errors, Love’s Labours Lost, The Water Engine, Once Upon a Mattress, The Hostage, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Steel Magnolias.

~ I am a very light sleeper, which is why Kevin has spent the last several weeks sleeping on an air mattress in the living room while he gets over a sinus infection that makes him snore louder and more continuously than usual.

~ I can read anywhere, anytime, no matter how noisy or busy things are around me.

~ I have a really bad habit of interrupting people – especially my husband. He hates it.


  1. Kev

    Those last two fit me perfectly as well.

    I’m really working on the interrupting thing.

  2. carrie

    Kev – I’m trying to, too, but it’s not easy! Especially if I can tell the story better than he can… ;)

  3. Lawanda

    I am an interrupter, too! I really don’t mean to be! That is why the internet is good. I cannot interrupt you while you are telling a great story! haha