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March 27, 2008 Categories: Books , Homeschooling , Movies , Writing | 10 Comments  

I’ve got a great weekend planned – my sister Deb is coming across the state from Silverdale to visit for three days. I am ignoring the reason she’s coming: to see Marni and Hans and their boys before they move to St. Louis in June or July. We’ll spend most of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday together and then Deb and the kids will head back home on Tuesday. Pray for good weather on Snoqualmie Pass as she crosses the mountains.

We had three inches of snow here yesterday! It didn’t stick on the roads, and mostly melted in the afternoon, but it came down like the dickens for a few hours. March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb, my foot. I think March got things topsy-turvy this year.

I have red fingertips and my hands smell like vinegar. Anyone have a guess about what the kids and I did today? And, no, we didn’t dye our Easter eggs a week late.

Kevin and I are watching Stranger Than Fiction right now. Well, he’s watching – I’m half-watching and typing this post. I’ve seen it before – with Michelle – but he hasn’t, and I knew he would like it. I like watching movies again, but for some reason it drives Kevin crazy if he knows I’ve already seen a movie. I try not to let him know – while avoiding out-and-out lying, of course – because I know he’ll like it if he just watches it.

Well, I better get on to the links, because it’s getting late and I should be heading to bed soon.

~ This young reader is amazing. Be sure and watch the video. Hat tip: Lawanda.

~ Yahoo! has listed the 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies. Bummer – I really like Gladiator and Patriot. Why do they have to change so much in films? History is fascinating enough as it is!

~ In this video, author Khaled Hosseini talks about the process of adapting his book The Kite Runner into a film.

~ Remember the writing contest I told you about? Well, it’s time for part two – and your entry is due on Wednesday. Only 300 words. Don’t hesitate – enter, okay? (You know who you are. ;) )


  1. Andrea

    Red fingers and vinegar? Did you make pickled beets?

    Also, i think I’m gonna steal your Friday link list. well, the idea – I’ll post different links. :D

  2. Jennifer

    I am curious what did you and your kids do?

  3. carrie

    Jennifer and Andrea – we made a volcano for science! Vinegar, red food coloring, and baking soda provided the chemical reaction and “lava” explosion.

    Andrea – steal away, my friend! :)

  4. Lawanda

    A volcano!!! LOL Coolness!

    Sheesh, I loved all those movies, but I agree, why did they have to change so much history?

  5. Andrea

    I’ve been in and out all day (mostly out) and the more I think of it the more I want to write about that link regarding the baby that can read. Sure, it’s cool and yes unusal. but! Her parents are acting like there’s something *wrong* with her and can’t relate that it’s all the work they do with her that has helped her to do this.

    ugh. I have better words. I need to find them.

    I should note I taught myself to read at age 4, so I’m coming from that perspective of sympathy for her as she gets older. I think it’s great that she can, as I think most children have the capability to do this, I’m just disturbed by her parent’s attitude towards it.

  6. Carrie K

    A volcano! Cool! I was thinking yarn dyeing but then I’m yarncentric….

    Hope you and your sister have a great visit!

  7. Ron

    Last night we had snow for about 1/2 hour and the flake averaged over 1/2 inch in diameter. I saw the odd one that was easily an inch. 15 minutes after it stopped no sign remained that it had snowed.

  8. carrie

    Andrea – I agree, I thought they were a little weird, too. I can’t help thinking that it’s because they are coming from a public school perspective – that she won’t fit in with other kids her age. No, she won’t – but it’s abnormal to expect all kids of the same age to be the same anyway. My mom taught me to read at 3 1/2 – because I wouldn’t leave her alone until she did. I skipped kindergarten, and was always the youngest in my class, but there were lots and lots of other things that kept me from “fitting in.” Early reading was the least of it.

    Carrie K – thanks!

    Ron – as I type this, it’s snowing hard, and our back yard is completely white again. Sigh.

  9. M Light

    I watched Stranger Than Fiction with my older kids one evening recently when dear husband wasn’t home. For some reason, I thought it was one he wouldn’t be interested in. Now, I’ll have to watch it with him – it’s been difficult not to bring up things from the movie.

  10. carrie

    M Light- When I asked Kevin if he liked it, he said “yeah. it was good, but weird.” ;)