Prayers, please.

March 26, 2008 Categories: Prayer | 5 Comments  

My wonderful online friend and fellow book-lover, Carol at Magistramater, is leaving on the trip of a lifetime to Scotland in eight days. Her husband, Curt, has pneumonia and a sinus infection. He is on a hard-hitting antibiotic. Please be in prayer that the meds work, that he recovers completely, and that they don’t have to cancel their trip. Thanks!


  1. Carol in Oregon

    Thank you, Carrie. Thank you.

    My brother (a physician) called from Maine this evening and talked extensively with Curt. He agrees with the diagnosis and applauded the choice of antibiotic Curt’s doctor put him on.

    He told Curt that he is sicker than he thinks. He advised us to start exploring the options we have either to postpone the trip or substitute another traveler in Curt’s place. Jim has traveled all over the world, but he strongly suggested Curt staying home if he hasn’t improved.

    I think that it is wise to begin working on a different solution of Curt doesn’t improve. But, tonight, I am sheltering in the cocoon of denial for 12 more hours…
    We continue to pray for healing.

    I appreciate your concern. Thank you Carrie.

  2. carrie

    Carol – I will keep praying. I do not want you to have to change your plans – you’ve been looking forward to this for so long. (Hugs)

  3. Jennifer

    My prayers are with Carol and Curt

  4. Lawanda

    Oh, I hope they both get to go!!!!!

  5. carrie

    Jennifer and Lawanda – thanks for the prayers! Carol said that Curt woke up this morning feeling much better. Keep praying – it works!