Broken dryers and sippy cups

February 29, 2008 Categories: Kid Stuff , This and That | 3 Comments  

The two items mentioned in the title may seem completely unrelated, but they’re not.

Our dryer went kaput last night. It had been stumbling along, half-drying clothes for a few days, during which I alternated between telling myself, “There’s something wrong with the dryer; it’s gonna quit any day” and complete denial: “It’s just your imagination. That was a really big load – it’s completely normal to have to re-start the dryer four times to get the seams in your jeans to dry completely.”

Then, last night, when I sent Natalie downstairs with a load of damp laundry to ask Kevin to put them back in, he came up and told me that the dryer would no longer turn on. Shoot.

I called the repairman this morning, expecting to hear that I would have to wait until Monday, but he actually showed up before noon! He followed Kevin downstairs and took the dryer away from the wall and then proceeded to pull a sippy cup out of the dryer vent that leads out of the house. A sippy cup with a little Precious Moments girl on it – the kind we haven’t used since we first moved into the house in 2000. Because our eleven-year-old daughter was then four and still used sippy cups. And obviously she also liked stuffing them down the dryer vent from it’s little opening next to the back porch.

The sippy cup didn’t kill our dryer, however, though it might have sped up it’s demise. I am still not sure what it was that the guy replaced, but it took him all of about ten minutes and cost a whopping $93.75.


  1. Ron

    Andrea recently acquired a new dryer as well. I bought the last one second hand and it served us well for 10 years.

  2. Melynda

    I wonder what the inside of the sippy cup looked like! We find sippy cups after only a week and I have to choke back gags when I open them.
    Funny story, thanks for sharing it!

  3. carrie

    Ron – actually, we didn’t have to buy a new one, so I guess we got off easy! :)

    Melynda – The sippy-cup was lidless – and stuffed full of dryer lint! :)