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February 24, 2008 Categories: This and That | 1 Comment  

…must come to an end. I am sitting in our hotel room, soaking up the last few minutes of peace and quiet before we check out, grab some lunch, and head home to our kids. This weekend has been wonderful. It didn’t turn out entirely like planned, however. Michelle’s boys came down with the flu, and so my Thursday was spent alone. And even though it would’ve been more fun with her, it was still a terrific day. As a homeschooling mom, I am rarely alone. I drove two hours alone, went to see 27 Dresses alone, ate dinner alone (with a book), and checked into the hotel alone for an entire evening of reading, watching Lost, and more reading. Alone. It was blissful.

Kevin joined me Friday around lunchtime, and we have had such a lazy time together – more time at B&N, time at Best Buy for him, eating out, reading, and talking without interruptions. No kids, no work obligations, no housework calling to me. Heaven.

The really cool thing? Michelle and I are going to come down for a one-night moms’ getaway sometime in March – so I get to do this again! And this time, when I gush over dinner about the books I found at B&N, the person across the table won’t have glazed-over eyes. ;)

Another really cool thing? I have so much to blog about in the next few days! Happy Sunday, everyone.

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