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It’s February. Does anyone else get the mid-winter blahs in February? It always seems to hit me this time of year. I’m sick of winter, I want a break from homeschooling but there isn’t one in sight until Easter week, and the kids are squirrely. We’re done with the it’s-too-cold-to-play-outside days, done (for now) with the snowing-four-to-seven-inches-at-a-time days, and we’re into the it’s-above-freezing-and-the-piles-of-snow-are-melting-and-making-everything-soggy days. The kids play outside, and then come in completely soaked through. They saw the sun shining yesterday and Josiah yelled, “Spring is here!” I hated to burst his bubble, the poor guy.

The great thing is that I know the solution for the mid-winter blahs. It’s something Kevin and I do every year around this time – we head off to the nearest big city (that would be Spokane) for a weekend without our four wonderful children. That’s what’s happening next weekend, and I am SO ready! The cool thing is, I get an extra day of grown-up time this year. Kevin suggested that Michelle and I take next Thursday off, leave the kids with him and Don (they both work out of the home) and head to Spokane. We’ll be eating out, going to the movies, spending (too much) money at Barnes & Noble, and staying over in a hotel. All of that time, completely kid-free! Then Kevin will drop the boys off at her house Friday morning, drop Nan off at her best friend’s house, and come down to join me for the rest of the weekend. Of course, Michelle may need another day of rest and pampering after having my boys for the rest of the weekend, but we will be returning the favor and keeping their boys for a weekend so they can get away very soon.

So, what am I doing while I’m waiting impatiently for some Mommy time? Reading good books:

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee

(Yes, I’m supposed to be reading Anna Karenina for the Winter Reading Challenge, but this little gem arrived on Friday, and after Becky Sharpe, I just couldn’t pick up another long novel with a main character who is a ninny.)

I’m also watching good movies, like this one:

Martian Child

Tomorrow is our Friday play date. (I’m writing this Thursday night.) It’s Michelle’s week to host, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will go better than the last two times we had it there. My boys were atrocious! Not to her boys, just to each other. They keep the fighting in the family, at least. But I don’t want her to be secretly wishing she hadn’t agreed to keep them next weekend! I love my kids, but every year around this time, they absolutely drive me nuts.

We thought maybe the kids would have a Tae Kwon Do promotion on Saturday, but our month off due to sickness has put them a little behind. There’s another promotion the first Saturday in March, and they should be ready for that one. Since they aren’t promoting, I am planning to take them to Spokane to see The Spiderwick Chronicles movie. They have been warned that their behavior can lose them this privilege, however. I’m sure Noah will be at his best, since the Spiderwick books are his all-time favorites. He has been waiting and waiting to see this movie. If Jonathan and Josiah continue behaving the way they did tonight at bedtime, it may be just Natalie, Noah, and I!

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough, so here are the links I’ve been saving to share:

~ If you’ve ever wondered what Sawyer would nickname you if you were one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, wonder no longer. Mine is “Stubby.” Be sure to come back and tell me yours!

~ Every mom will be able to relate to this Baby Blues comic.

~ Check out the trailer for Indianan Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Can’t wait for this one!

~ Carol at Magistramater wrote a wonderful post on nurturing our appetite for beauty, goodness, and truth. After you read it, be sure to click on through to the Wendell Berry interview she links – it’s brilliant.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Carol in Oregon


    Thanks for the link and your wonderful comments which helped clarify some more thinking. I edited the post after you commented to include those thoughts.

    The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop is one of the most compelling titles I’ve heard. I applaud your decision to read something shorter and more comfortable in between the big novels.

    One year a high school senior lived with us to finish up school when her family moved. She was assigned Anna K and kept putting it off. I gently reminded her that this was not a book one could “cram”. Eventually it was Friday night and the book report was due Monday morning. She picked it up and started to read. By Saturday noon she was thrashed and threw the book down in disgust. Sigh.

    I was sad that she missed the chance to benefit from a powerful book.

    Have a VUNDERBAR trip to the city. We should meet there some time, eh?

  2. Michelle aka Mrs. S

    Little Bo Peep for me…how on earth did it come up with that?

  3. carrie

    Carol – yes, I knew I needed a break before attempting AK. I already know the basics of the story, so I know I probably won’t like Anna much. Michelle assures me, though, that the Kitty-Levin love story makes the book worth reading. I have a couple of novels I’m supposed to review, so they will come before AK – which means it won’t be done in time to complete my Winter Reading Challenge. Oh, well.

    And yes, we should definitely meet there sometime!

    Michelle – That’s funny! I think I got Stubby because I said I was short. I’m sure it’s fairly random.

  4. Laura

    I got Ferdinand!! How odd is that? Funny though. I love LOST…

  5. carrie

    Laura – I do, too! I recorded last night’s episode, and I’m waiting to tuck the kiddos in so I can watch it. :)