Please pray

February 6, 2008 Categories: Prayer | 5 Comments  

I have been dealing with a heavy heart this week. Monday, I found out that a family we know has fallen apart. In December, the father confessed that he had been raping and molesting his four daughters for years. In the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the oldest brother, age 14, and the maternal grandfather were also molesting the girls. The mother had been raped by her father when she was a girl, and still chose to leave her children in her father’s care. This family has attended the same homeschool classes as us for three years. I sat across from the mother every Wednesday, except for during the summer and the month of December, for three years. We exchanged books. I talked to those four precious girls, ages 8 through 13, every week – about what books they were reading, about their dance classes. My mind isn’t equipped to process news like this. I keep seeing their beautiful faces in my mind and weeping. Please pray.


  1. Andrea


  2. Eileen

    Praying Carrie! How awful and sad.

  3. Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

    How horrible. I will pray.

  4. Lisa

    Devastating. Sending up prayers.

  5. Lawanda

    That is awful. Just awful. Wow. Your blog, and my own are making me feel more desperately like this world is just not safe.