What a great evening!

February 3, 2008 Categories: Football , Television | 5 Comments  

The Giants beat the Patriots, and then a great episode of House – with a surprise ending! Anyone figure out who Wilson’s new flame was? I had no idea!


  1. Lawanda

    Thanks for the post about Ed, Carrie. I feel like I lost the only Grandpa I ever really got to know.

    I didn’t know House was on. Such a bummer :(

    (And I wanted to ask… was that you who said I don’t look old? If so ~ BLESS YOUR HEART, thank you!)

  2. carrie

    Lawanda – yes, that was me- you look so young in your sidebar pic!

    I think you can watch House online at fox.com – you might check it out.

  3. Natalie/HomeSchoolGirl

    Mom- why haven’t you done the tag yet?


  4. Andrea

    Sarah said they showed it on House – did you miss it? We let her stay up and watch it. :D

  5. carrie

    Andrea – yeah, I got it at the end – I just meant that I hadn’t guessed that it would be her – and I didn’t want to give it away in the post for anyone who hadn’t watched. :)