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February 1, 2008 Categories: Homeschooling , Just for Fun , Kid Stuff , Parenting , Videos | 5 Comments  

It’s Friday! Anyone got exciting plans for the weekend? Kevin’s hoping to take the kids sledding tomorrow. It’s snowing – again. It’s pretty wet, though, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a big mess by the end of the day.

On Sunday afternoon, I will be at Mom and Dad’s, rooting for the Giants as they play the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and eating some of my fabulous bean dip. Want the recipe? It’s really easy: mix one small box of Velveeta (cubed), one package of cream cheese, one can of refried beans, and one small jar of salsa. Heat in the microwave, stirring every minute or two, until completely melted and mixed. Serve with tortillas – yum! (I said it was easy, not healthy.)

Here are a few links for your Friday browsing:

~ Andrea at Atypicalife is famous! She was interviewed for a Reader’s Digest article on homeschooling. You can read it here. In case you didn’t know, wonderful Andrea and her equally wonderful hubby Ron are the folks who run Homeschool Journal. If you’re a homeschooler and looking for a place to blog, check it out! I love blogging here.

~ Brant at Letters from Kamp Krusty has channeled his inner sage again with Should You Shelter Your Kids? I was going to post a quote, but the whole thing is so good – just go read it.

~ Kris at Paradise Found posted this amazing video. We’re going to try it.

~ It sure seems there are a lot of new quiz-type game shows on TV – and sadly, they are revealing how woefully uneducated many people are. Did anyone else see the grade school teacher on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? who didn’t know which country was our (the USA’s) neighboring country to the north? And people want to tell me I’m not qualified to teach my own children. Anyway, this news article highlights some of the dumbest ever quiz-show answers.

~ Don’t forget: there’s still time to enter my book giveaway.


  1. Ron

    I would hope everyone at HSJ would know where Canada is ;)

  2. carrie

    Ron – I would hope so, too!

  3. Lisa

    Way to go, Andrea! *Woot*

    Visiting the links! Cool paper… And, yes, I shelter my child… ;o)

  4. Andrea

    Why yes, your illustrious journal maintainers are indeed Canucks too. We’re *everywhere*. ;)
    And that RD article was hands down one of the funnest I’ve ever done. The writer, Lisa Bendell, was great. She did an awesome job.

  5. carrie

    Lisa – so do we. :)

    Andrea – it was a great article. Too many times with articles about homeschooling, you can sense the author’s preconceived negativity showing through.