January 29, 2008 Categories: Television | 7 Comments  

…there is a new episode of House – finally!



  1. paradisefound

    Thanks for the reminder! I’ve pretty much given up on TV with the writer’s strike and would have missed it.

  2. carrie

    Kris – you’re welcome! I know, the whole TV situation has been a bummer, but I’m glad the WGA is standing strong. Plus, there’s Lost to look forward to on Thursday!

  3. Andrea

    It’s not lupus! :D

    Side note: we were watching Sense & Sensibility, which Hugh is IN, and at one point, Elanor knocks on his door and says “Marianne needs a doctor!”

    We all died laughing.

  4. carrie

    Andrea – I just re-watched Sense and Sensibility recently, too – but I didn’t catch that. Funny!

  5. Lawanda

    And it ROCKED as usual. Gotta love the guy, evne though ya hate him… LOL

  6. carrie

    Lawanda – exactly! And just when I really start to hate him, then I feel sorry for him. :)

  7. Lawanda

    I know! ME TOO!