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- The good news? It’s not 10 degrees outside anymore. On the other hand, it’s snowing, and has been all morning. The forecast reads like this: Monday – snow; Tuesday – snow; Wednesday – cloudy; Thursday – snow; Friday – snow; Saturday – snow – well, you get the idea. I know I’ve only lived here 11 years, but this has got to be some sort of snowfall record. It has to be – because I’d hate to think this is just a normal winter, and the last few have been abnormal. When is spring, again?

- Remember how I said we had discovered a great Sci-Fi channel series through Netflix called The Dresden Files? Well, it turns out it only ran one season. Phooey. On the plus side, we’re really enjoying the Tom Hanks / HBO-produced miniseries From the Earth to the Moon.

- National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is great – we went Thursday night. It’s fun and action-packed and has some history thrown in. Yes, you have to suspend your disbelief. No, it’s not deep or profound – but sometimes you want to go to the movies just to be entertained. And I appreciate having a PG rated movie that the kids and Kevin and I all enjoyed together.

- I added a “Josiah’s Reading” page to the blog. How cool is that? My six-year-old is making his way through Frog and Toad All Year. I couldn’t find the next 1st grade reader, so I pulled this out, and he is reading it – and laughing at Toad’s sledding adventure.

- The kids took part in a Pinewood Derby for Awana yesterday at church. Jonathan and Noah both brought home 3rd-place trophies in the speed category. Josiah was disappointed, and said to Jonathan, “Can we share your trophy?” Jonathan replied, “Sure!” I loved watching them cheer each other and their friends on.

- Missoula Children’s Theater is coming in two weeks, and Natalie is going to audition for their production of a musical adaptation of The Little Mermaid. (Not the Disney story, but the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.) They bring the entire production except the cast, and hold auditions to cast 60 local K-12 students. Then the kids rehearse every afternoon and evening that week, and on Saturday they do two performances. I’m nervous for her. She has a good attitude, though, and said, “Even if I don’t get a part, it will be fun just to audition and see how it works.”

- We’re almost caught up on our school schedule. We will be where we should be by the end of this week. Then my sister and her two boys are coming up from Post Falls to spend the weekend, so we will be spending Saturday at Mom and Dad’s. Josiah will sleep over that night with his best friend, cousin Peter, and then the rest of us will go back Sunday afternoon to watch the Super Bowl. Go Giants!

- We skipped church today, since it would have required massive shoveling at an early hour to get us out of the driveway. Kevin shoveled earlier, and now the kids are out to shovel again – and play, of course.


  1. Karen

    Glad you enjoyed National Treasure 2. We loved it as well. I think both of the movies are great family fare.

    We have Awana Pinewood Derby in about 4 weeks. This week is Drive-In Movie Night.

    I think it is so neat about the children’s theater. I haven’t been able to find anything like that here. The only thing I’ve seen is a community theater group run by the local community college where you have to pay for your child to participate…. $275! I think not.

  2. Ron

    The winter we are having this year very much remids me of winter when I was Emma’s age. I haven’t seen a winter like this in 20 years.

  3. carrie

    Karen – this one does cost, too. If your child gets a part, the tuition cost is $56 for the week. I consider that a steal, though, because if she does get a part, they rehearse four hours a day Monday through Friday – and what a great experience. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for her – I think I’ll be more disappointed than she will be if she doesn’t get chosen.

    Ron – your winter has been pretty extreme, too – that on top of your heating issues. Brrr.

  4. Lawanda

    Snow gets annoying after a while, imo! :p It is cold here and some snow, but nothing like your forecast!

  5. carrie

    Lawanda – I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about snow!

  6. Carrie K

    Ack! You reminded me that the production weasels cancelled The Dresden Files. Good series, television and the books. Alas.

  7. carrie

    Carrie K – I know, we were so bummed.

  8. Lisa

    No snow here. 55 degrees and raining. SIGH>

  9. Zarina

    You can send some snow down here – we haven’t really had any this year and I’d love a good snow. :)

    I love the Dresden Files TV series also, and am just as bummed that there hasn’t been a Season 2. If you’d like to help with the campaign to get it back, we have a petition (http://gopetition.com/petitions/new-home-4-dresden.html) with over 9,600 signatures and we’re sending Dresden-tines to the Execs at Sci-Fi & NBC (http://forums.scifi.com/index.php?showtopic=2300135). We’ll only win if we try. :)