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It’s been a week, that’s all I have to say. We started back to school this week, and, boy, did I feel the three weeks off. Plus, Kevin is mostly working from home now, and with our little house and my freaking out if our schedule gets interrupted – well, let’s just say we all have some adjusting to do. Here are a few highlights:

Snow, snow, and more snow. I don’t know how many inches we have had since Thanksgiving, but I am praying for an early spring. The extended forecast for the next ten days? Snow, snow, snow showers, snow – with a few cloudy days thrown in for good measure. This is the time of year I always start to feel like a grouch about the weather.

Abcess on a tonsil. No, not mine – I don’t have any tonsils anymore. Kevin seemed to be getting over the flu just fine, until his right tonsil swelled up so big that it pushed his uvula (the little dangly thing in the middle) out of position and nearly closed his throat off. A shot of steroids and mega-antibiotics reduced the swelling enough that the doctor could get in there and lance and drain it. Yes, this involved a shot of novicaine into his tonsil, which was then sliced into, spread open, and sucked out. Too much information? Sorry. He was a drugged up sleepy-head for a day or two, and will be on antibiotics for a while, but all is healing nicely.

I Am Legend. Dad and I went and saw this Sunday evening. Quick review: much scarier than I expected; Will Smith is fantastic; surprisingly strong message about God’s sovereignty. If you’re squeamish, skip it; if you’re not and you like sci-fi, see it.

Cable hook-up. After being frustrated that our antenna doesn’t work when it’s snowing, we decided to hook up very basic cable. And I mean basic: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, TBS, The Weather Channel, C-Span – and a couple of religious stations with very big-haired people asking for money. But, I can watch my football games – and Lost returns on the 31st! All this for around $15 a month – and no contract, unlike satellite. The kids are happy to be able to watch Cyberchase and Zoom on PBS again.

Did I mention the SNOW?

Well, enough complaining – I have a bunch of links to share. Some will educate, some will make you laugh, all are guaranteed to be a worthy waste of time.

~ Karen Edmisten on Blogging, breaks, and mother guilt.

~ Albert Mohler on The Reading of Books. (I owe someone a hat tip for this, but can’t remember where I saw it.)

~ Why don’t you use the little wench? – hilarious column on the misuse of homophones.

~ For Natalie’s writing assignment this week, she wrote a persuasive essay on why everyone should read the Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket.

~ What do I do now? – great video at Lovin’ Life.

~ Moomin Light on watching Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth, duh) for the first time.

~ Beautiful photos of libraries around the world – Hat tip: Sherry at Semicolon.

~ Panoramic views of selected rooms in The Louvre – be sure and look up at the ceilings!

~ Column on why the WGA strike is dragging on.


Lastly, I discovered that this week was De-Lurking week in the blogging world. What does that mean? Well, a lurker is someone who reads a blog, but doesn’t comment. I would love to hear from any and all of my readers – if you’ve never commented before, just click on Comment and say “hi.” Have a great weekend!


  1. Karen Edmisten


    Did I miss that darn de-lurking week again? Well, I’m delurking. Thanks for all the worthy time-wasters and for including me among them! Have a great weekend!

  2. Penelope Anne

    I promise I comment when I stop by :)
    Your delurk graphic was the scariest I’ve seen.

    We felt the holiday vacation too as we started back to our lessons. Hopefully next week will be smoother.

  3. Patti

    I just found you today, so here I am to say HI!

    I’m a homeschooler, too, and boy do I empathize with the “extra adult joining snowbound children in small house” stressor. That’s when we appreciate our friends with the big house! :)

  4. Ron


  5. carrie

    Karen – you’re welcome!

    Penelope – have a good weekend!

    Patti – thanks for stopping by. :)

    Ron – waving back.

  6. M Light

    Delurking and saying thanks for the link!

  7. carrie

    M Light – you’re welcome!