I’m trying not to pout. Really.

December 23, 2007 Categories: This and That | 5 Comments  

Jonathan woke up in the wee hours of Friday morning with a fever, sore throat, aches. Natalie came home from her friends’ house Friday afternoon with a fever, sore throat, aches. I thought we were over this – it had been a week since the other two boys had it! But no, it looks like the same exact thing, which was a five-day fever for both Noah and Josiah. So, if I’m counting right, that means that Natalie and Jon will not be fever free until December 26th. Bah humbug.

Yesterday, Kevin took the two healthy ones sledding with my Dad, my sister and brother-in-law, and their two boys. Josiah and Noah headed to Mom and Dad’s with Dad, while Kevin came home to take over the medicine-dispensing, temperature taking duties with the other two. This afternoon, I’ll head down with Josiah and Noah again to watch the Seahawks game with Dad while the kids decorate sugar cookies.

Our original plans involved Christmas Eve service at Mom and Dad’s church – at which Natalie and I were both supposed to sing. Then the kids would sleepover at Grandmama and Papa’s, while Kevin and I would come home to sleep and head back in the morning for the tree and Christmas dinner in the afternoon.

Revised plans are such: I will take whoever (or is it whomever?) is healthy to the Christmas Eve service, where I will sing. Natalie and Grandmama’s duet will be saved for next year. Then I’ll bring home all the presents that we’ve been piling up under Mom and Dad’s tree. We’ll have Christmas morning at home, and then I’ll take the healthy ones to Christmas dinner at 1 pm, and bring home leftovers to the rest of the clan. If it was any other year, I would just forget joining Marni and Hans and their boys and Mom and Dad at their house, and spend the entire day at home with my kids, but this is the last Christmas we’ll be having with Marni and Hans for a long, long time. They’re moving to St. Louis in the early summer for Hans to attend Covenant Theological Seminary. For those of you who don’t know, we’re in northeast Washington State. So basically, they’re moving to the other side of the country. I want my six-year-old, Josiah, to have as much time as possible with their six-year-old, Peter, before the big move.

So our holiday plans are totally messed up, and it makes me sad. And I feel guilty for leaving the two sick ones at home with Kevin. The only thing that has saved the holiday for them is that Kevin gave them an early Christmas gift last week: a Playstation 2. So Natalie and Jonathan know that while the other two are at Grandmama and Papa’s house with me, there is less competition for the game.

I know there is still a possibility that they will be better by Christmas morning, and we are all praying hard for that. And I’m trying not to be too discouraged by the whole thing.


  1. Kev

    Aww. Being over the holidays is no fun – especially when you’re supposed to go be with friends and family and can’t.

    Hope the kids get better.

    My son, Alexander, woke up last night about 11:30 having just barfed in his bed. Barfed twice more before 6am, and 3 more times between 6 and 10. He seems to be doing better now though – he’s had Gatorade and chicken broth and seems to be doing okay.

  2. Jennifer

    I am praying that all your family will be well by Christmas day so you can all enjoy the day together. Whatever this virus is that is going around is not any fun at all. My five year old is just now over it, so far the rest of us have not come down with it.

  3. carrie

    Kev – Okay, I guess I should be grateful no one is barfing in their beds. :) Sorry your little guy is under the weather – here’s hoping he’s all over it.

    Jennifer – thanks so much for your prayers – I really appreciate them. I’m glad your little one seems to be doing better – and I hope none of the rest of you come down with it!

  4. Miz Booshay

    I’m sorry your plans are messed up.
    I am going to be jolly without my boys home this year.
    First time ever without all four children home for Christmas.
    I am trying to stay in the moment and make it the best moment possible.

    Hoping your celebration turns out jolly and bright.

  5. Carol in Oregon

    Merry Christmas, Carrie.

    I hope you all get better quickly. I wish I could hear you sing…

    I wish everyone could hear Natalie sing…