The Christmas Story?

November 29, 2007 Categories: Faith , Holidays , Rants , Television | 7 Comments  

Since we got rid of our DirecTV, I asked my mom to record Shrek the Halls on ABC last night. We watched it this evening. In the beginning, Shrek has no interest in Christmas. When he discovers that it is important to Fiona, he storms into town to find out how to give her a Christmas. He’s given a book called “Christmas for the Village Idiot” that explains, step-by-step, how to have Christmas. The last step is “tell the Christmas story.” I thought, Wow! A modern holiday special that actually includes the Christmas story? Cool! I should have known better.

You want to know what the Christmas story was? ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Now, I love the classic Christmas poem as well as the next person, but calling this the Christmas story? Later, when Shrek admits that he has never had a Christmas before and he doesn’t know what it is all about, his friends tell him it’s about celebrating with your family, no matter how chaotic. Celebrating what, for goodness sake? Christmas trees and Santa Claus and marshmallows on sweet potatoes. That’s what.

I suppose I was being naive in today’s politically correct world of “Happy Holidays” and “Winter Holiday Celebrations” to expect anything else.


  1. Michelle at Scribbit

    That’s really sad, I suppose to expect more would be naive though. Oh well.

  2. Robin

    Isn’t it ridiculous?! 77% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, but in order to not offend the rest, we can’t openly celebrate our beliefs. I’m glad I forgot to set my DVR.
    On another note, I noticed that you are reading “The Book Thief.” I’ve put it on my Christmas list, but I keep hearing that it’s a kid’s book. Well, to be pc, a young adult’s book. I didn’t interpret it that way from the web site. It looks like a good book to me. So…. from an ‘adults’ point of view… How do you like it?

  3. carrie

    Michelle – it’s sometimes hard to remember how much things have changed. It makes me sad.

    Robin – actually, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I picked up The Book Thief to start next after I finished The Road, but got distracted by a book my mom loaned me, The Cure by Athol Dickson. It’s really good. The Book Thief will indeed be next, though, because it was part of a challenge I am supposed to finish by the end of the year – which is rapidly approaching!

  4. Lisa

    Glad we missed that one. Rosie didn’t earn her tv privilege. ;o)

    I think we’ll stick to Charlie Brown Christmas.

  5. carrie

    Lisa – that’s exactly what my husband said!

  6. Ron

    Andrea told me about this, this morning. I rolled my eyes. We won’t be looking for it.

  7. carrie

    Ron – I’m going to have to hide the tape, cause Noah’s been watching it over and over again. (eye roll)