Links for Friday… two days late

November 18, 2007 Categories: Football , Holidays , Homeschooling , Just for Fun , Kid Stuff , News , Parenting | 4 Comments  

I didn’t post a links post on Friday, but I did have a few things to share, so I’m doing it today. For those of you who were wondering, singing Friday night went fine – in spite of the fact that I came down with the cold the family’s been passing around for the past few weeks. I wasn’t too sick to sing, so that’s good.

Yesterday, we went down to Spokane to meet some new friends at Chuck E. Cheese’s. We met Chris and Carrie at the lake this summer while we were camping, and our kids hit it off right away. We found out that they were just getting started on their homeschooling journey this year. Kevin and Chris have stayed in touch by e-mail, so we met yesterday. We had a great time – visiting for three hours while the kids played and played and played.

This morning we went to church, even though the cold has settled in and I pretty much feel like death. The kids are rehearsing for their Christmas program, so I didn’t want them to miss. This afternoon, I curled up on the couch and watched the Seahawks beat the Bears. Go, ‘Hawks – you’re back!

This is a week off of homeschooling, and we’re all ready for a break. I’m ready to have some good reading time on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be spent cleaning, since we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. I haven’t done the whole turkey dinner thing in seven years, so I’m praying it will all turn out all right.

Do you have lots of plans for the holiday week? Will you be brave enough to shop on Friday?

Here are the links I wanted to pass on:

~ I’ve seen this Bitter Homeschooler’s Wish List a few different places now, but I first saw it at More Than Fine.

~ If you like word games as much as I do, you’ll want to check out this one. Improve your vocabulary while helping the hungry. My highest score is 43 so far.

~ Here’s a great editorial explaining why the writers are right in the current strike situation.

~ Amazon has set up a Homeschooling Store – how cool is that?

~ Finally, I’ll leave you with another hilarious Baby Blues comic.


  1. CarrieF

    OHHH I love that Bitter Homeschooler list! It made me giggle! I have it on my blog too…LOL!

    Loving the Amazon site! I think I may get the Christian Kids’ guide to Chemistry book…it looks neat!

  2. Lisa

    More great links, Carrie!

    Amazon rocks! A new store to peruse…

    Praying the crud loosens it grip. You have turkey to baste!

  3. carrie

    CarrieF – I need some more time to browse around the Amazon site, but I’m afraid I’ll start buying things!

    Lisa – thanks – I would hate to be sneezing all over the turkey and fixins’ !

  4. CarrieF

    Yeah I clicked to it and that was one of the books that came up on the front page…LOL!!

    Praying for your health!!