Deep breath

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My thoughts of late have gone something like this:

Articles due – need to finish Gryffindor scarves – why doesn’t Wal-mart have crowns or wands? – grocery list: can’t forget yarn to finish scarves and ingredients for dessert to bring to Tae Kwon Do party – more articles due – need to write review – haven’t written a personal blog post in ages – miss my books – ah, girls’ night – need to plan party for Mom and Dad’s 40th anniversary – oh my gosh, Josiah lost a tooth – oh yeah, Josiah’s birthday is coming up – which Harvest Party are we going to? – more articles due – forgot to call that lady about that thing – need to cancel satellite – stacks of papers to correct and file – etc. – etc. – etc.

Is it any wonder that this frantic feeling is building up and I just need to stop and take a breath? In the midst of all this busy-ness, I don’t want to just breeze past the things that really matter. Like:

~ Josiah is reading. Short-vowel words and some sight words so far, but he’s reading. Four down, zero to go. What a strange feeling – no more non-readers in the family.

~ He also lost his first tooth, and he’s turning six next week. Thank God, he is still a cuddle-bug. Lately, he has taken to jumping on my lap, wrapping his arms around my neck, and saying, “Amo, Mommy!” (Amo is “I love” in Latin.)

~ The kids and I have been doing origami every afternoon this week. We just finished the chapter on Japan in Story of the World II: The Middle Ages, and we are enjoying origami as part of that study. We also wrote haikus. These are the days I love homeschooling.

~ My parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage! I’ve watched them go through a lot of ups and downs, and they’re still together and still love each other.

~ Christmas is coming. This will be the last Christmas that Marni and Hans and their little boys, Peter and Andrew, will be with us for a while. They have sold their house and moved into an apartment and are planning to move to St. Louis in the spring. Hans will be attending Covenant Theological Seminary. Right now, they live in the Coeur d’Alene area, which means Marni is the closest sister geographically. (Andrea is in Boise; Debra is in Silverdale.) When they move, there will no longer be any siblings within a distance that takes less than a day to drive. Sob.

~ Natalie is not a little girl anymore. She is turning into a young lady – she’ll be eleven in December. Oh. my. goodness.

~ We’re in the process of… starting to… begin to get our house ready to sell. ~grin~ I’m very excited about moving into a bigger house in a different neighborhood, but… This was our first home. When we moved in, Natalie was 3 1/2, Noah was 2, Jonathan was 1, and Josiah wasn’t even being considered yet. It is bittersweet to think about moving.

~ We are slowly getting more involved with our new church. It’s the best choice we’ve found for our family, but I still feel a longing for something more. More community, less programs, more worship, more tradition, more authenticity, more loving God with all your mind as well as your heart. The kids are thrilled with Awana, and I’m glad they like it, but I have some reservations about making the studying and memorizing of God’s Word into a competition. And can anyone please tell me why children’s programs and obscene amounts of candy have to go together?

~ I have a bounty of riches when it comes to my to-read shelves. (And stacks.) The extra income from the freelance writing is so needed, but I don’t like feeling guilty whenever I sit down to read. Every once in a while, my stacks catch my eye, and such a feeling of longing comes over me – when will there be enough time? There are so many things I want to know, to understand, so many stories I want to dive in to. Sigh.

In the midst of all these thoughts, I want to thank you for sticking around. There haven’t been many comments lately, but I know people are still reading and visiting, and I appreciate
that more than you will know.

That’s what’s been going on with me. What’s going on with you?


  1. Ron

    I’ve had a friend remind me of how much I have on the go ;)

    Suprising in a way, alot of similarities :)

  2. Marla

    Sounds like you are doing a lot! I am glad you found a church you like. We have too…after a lot of looking. I think if I made a list of everything I would pass out. So, I just go day by day right now. Glad you are moving to a bigger house! Our dream too!

  3. CarrieF

    Hey girlie!! I would easily say that children’s programs and candy go together because many people do not homeschool their kids and for kids to do ANYTHING that could be considered learning outside of the Box is going to require bribery. *sigh* I’ve missed you!!!

  4. Andrea

    Eh, pretty much the same. (Oh, Ron is so funny up there…) :D

  5. learningumbrella

    That mental run on could be my head, with only slight variations. I hope you really get to sit down and enjoy those books!

  6. Lawanda

    WOW! You are one busy chica! I have been really busy too, and i have been missing “reading” you! :)

  7. carrie

    Ron – a lot of similarities, huh? What did you do on your Girls’ Night? ;)

    Marla – I just wish the dream didn’t require so much work!

    CarrieF – I think you’re right.

    Andrea – I don’t know how you guys did the whole renovation/moving thing to the huge extent that you did! I’m feeling overwhelmed at just needing to do some painting and flooring!

    LearningUmbrella – me, too! We’re supposed to have a kidless night next week – with all the boys at a slumber birthday party and Natalie at a friends. Instead of doing anything romantic, I’m tempted to just ask Kevin if I can read all night!

    Lawanda – you have been busy, too, what with the new job!

  8. Faith

    Thanks for this great post. I can relate to SO much of what you’ve said here. The mental list, the longing for more at church. Except I don’t feel the guilt about reading anymore, because I read while I nurse – one reason why I love the baby stage!
    Will we ever figure out how to balance our lives?!!!

  9. carrie

    Faith – I just checked out your blog and saw the ages of your kids, and I’m sure you feel more frazzled than I do! I remember that stage. When I gave birth to number four, number one was one month shy of five years old. All very close together – those years are a blur of diaper bags, runny noses, and sleepless nights. I promise, it does get easier as they get older. Try to enjoy the little years while they last. What they say is true – they go by so fast.