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October 22, 2007 Categories: Reviews , Television | 1 Comment  

(October Road was provided to me by Click Communications for the purpose of review.)

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I have to admit that until Click Communications contacted me about reviewing Season One of October Road, I had never heard of the ABC series, which stars Bryan Greenberg, Laura Prepon, and Tom Berenger. The premise sounded interesting, so I said sure. The first season only includes six episodes, so I figured I could watch it over a couple of weeks, write the review, and be done.

I watched all six episodes in three days. Don’t worry, it was a weekend, so I didn’t neglect homeschooling. I did feed the kids, and I was crocheting the kids’ Gryffindor scarves for Halloween. So I wasn’t completey unproductive.

I can’t think of another show that this reminds me of – and that is such a good thing. It is an hour-long drama, with lots of comedy and a fabulous soundtrack. Nick Garrett left his tiny Massachusetts home town right after high school for a six-week backpacking tour of Europe. He left behind Hannah, his high school sweetheart, and Eddie, his best friend and the person with whom he planned to go into business. Nick never came back. Instead, he wrote an autobiographical novel and didn’t disguise the characters he based on his friends very well.

Ten years later, Nick’s book has been turned into a hit movie, but he hasn’t been able to write another book. Hoping that going home again will break through his writer’s block, Nick heads back. Eddie isn’t speaking to him, and Hannah is raising ten-year-old Sam, who she swears is not Nick’s son. Episode two is called “Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart” – and that is basically the idea of the series.

The characters are terrific, the acting is wonderful, and now I can’t wait for season two. It hasn’t been scheduled yet, but it has been filmed and I think ABC is holding on to it for a replacement when the first new series tanks.

Be sure and catch up with Season One before they start showing season 2. I’m heading to Amazon to see if they’ve put out a soundtrack CD.

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  1. Marla

    Sounds good. It is nice to know some good shows will be coming out.