I’m back…and have my head in the books!

August 18, 2007 Categories: All About Me , Homeschooling | 5 Comments  

Thank you for all your kind comments about my short break. The week was wonderful, and went by so fast. As I drove away from Mom and Dad’s house last night with tears in my eyes, I was praying that it won’t be another two years before I see Andrea again. The kids all had so much fun playing together. I wish they were closer!

And our week was also poignant with the knowledge that next June, my youngest sister Marni and her family will be moving to St. Louis so her husband can attend seminary. Since Marni is in Coeur d’Alene – only 2 1/2 hours away – we usually see each other every couple of months or so. Her Peter is six weeks younger than my Josiah – they’re both 5 – and they love each other! I am happy for them that Hans will be fulfilling his dream of attending seminary, but St. Louis is a long way from here.

I received four boxes of school supplies and paper and curriculum and craft supplies yesterday – two from Office Depot, two from Rainbow Resource. Just in time – we start back to school on the 27th. So my next week will be full of planning and sorting and the kids oohing and ahing over new books. Even Jonathan, my most reluctant learner, said, “Can we start tomorrow?” when he saw all those shiny new books.

I have a ton of links saved to share with you – I may get to those later today, I may not. We’ll see! Hope you’re all having a terrific weekend.


  1. Lawanda

    YES! She’s back! ;)

    I hate it when people move so far away. :( My aunt moved 2.5 hours away and it upset me! :-p I liked it when we ALL lived nice and comfy on our hill ;)

  2. Lawanda

    Oh, and not to litter up your blog, but I forgot to say that my kids begged me to start school when I got our books out a couple of weeks ago, and now that we have started they are like:

    “This is hard” “This is boring” “This is too much”

    All in one week, for goodness sake! LOL

  3. Henny Penny

    LOVE getting those boxes!

    Glad your visit was a good one! ((Carrie))

  4. CarrieF.

    Glad you had a great time…I know what you mean about being far away from close family. We moved 2000 miles away from every piece of family we had…and then came back two years later ;)

    My kids did the same thing with the books the other day when they came in ;)

  5. carrie

    Lawanda – I fully expect my kids will do the same!

    Lisa – thanks!

    Carrie F – There’s just something about new books, isn’t there?